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Cosplay: Baby Trunks and Bulma Cosplay



So I had a baby!  He is six months old now, and a great age for Baby Trunks cosplay!  This shoot and cosplay of Bulma and Baby Trunks is from the hanami scene at the beginning of DBZ First Broly Movie! 

Dress, baby, baby bloomers, baby hat, yellow bib, and boots made by me! 
Purple wig hair donated by Zoe Flood, purple makeup and bib embroidery donated by Lillyxandra !

This photo was taken by my husband.

BTS Info: This was a saga to say the least. We tried 3 separate times to acquire these photos. It was tough coordinating the sunlight, with the blooming of the cherry blossom trees during the drought (at first they didn't bloom at all, then they began to bloom in clusters), and baby naptimes, feedings, and fussing.  We managed to get it done as a team effort though and it was a lot of fun and a very comfortable costume to wear.  My son enjoys his costume as well, since he has a tendency to get hot quickly.  The soft cotton bloomers and fuzzy fleece hat with the sleeveless cotton gerber onesie were wonderful! I chose to embroider the bib, since Bulma always has "Bulma" on everything, and the bib was so sad being just plain.

For those of you who followed my pregnancy on Twitter ( and Facebook you will remember he was born with a heart condition brought on by my Lupus.  He was born with third degree congenital heart block, a rare condition that happens to a very small percentage of Lupus mothers.  At 5 days old he underwent heart surgery to have a pacemaker put in, and since then he has healed up and is doing well.  His scar on his chest looks like a little wrinkle and he's an extremely happy and active baby!
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