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Aerith Cosplay Death Scene

By Adella
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The burial of Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7. This is a sequential series of photos recreating in live action the iconic scene. Doing a shoot like this was an extraordinary learning experience. Underwater requires that you trick your brain to push past the point where it is demanding you return to the surface for air. The position I had to be in, in order to sink slowly to the bottom of the pool, also allowed water to flow up inside of my head! It was definitely an exhausting day, but I'm so happy with how the photos turned out!

Photography - Jan-Michael Losada
Aeris - Adella (Sarah Quillian) 
Costume Designer - Adella (Sarah Quillian)
Set Costumer - Vanessa Walton
Photo Assistant - Kristen Carr
Photo Assistant/Grip - Garrett Scott
BTS Videography - Landon Donoho

Special Thanks:
Alessandro Schiassi, Luca Pisanu, and Lamberto Azzariti, for helping me push out of my comfort zone with this and really produce something special and beautiful!

I have just launched a Patreon page for those who wish to get involved in my work!

Prints are available in my Storenvy!

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Jul 18, 2015, 9:47:46 AM
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© 2015 - 2021 Adella
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Fun fact: Sepharoth only wounded Aerith. Cloud drowned her.

A fresh corpse doesn't sink, it'll float until it water logs, then sink. It's why you see people being weighed down before they're thrown overboard in movies. Also, you exhale upon death, and it would be unlikely for you to have enough air in the corpse to give a constant trail of air as you'd think. But an unconcious person would.

Not convinced yet? Well, in irl, the people that Aerith claims to belong to are known to practice a form of meditation that not only allows you to numb pain, but slow bleeding, and, if to be believed, move one's organs around to prevent damage, particularly the diaphragm, where Aerith was stabbed. These same individuals also medotate when injured to help the healing process.

So Aerith, while praying and meditating, was ambushrd and stabbed with the blade coming in the back and exiting the area in or around the diaphram, she goes into a meditation coma to recover and CLOUD THROWS HER INTO THE OCEAN.
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Fun fact, it's a game where you can shove rocks into a sword to shoot lightning up a monster's ass. Going Neil DeGrass Tyson on this just makes you look silly.

But if we're playing that game, here are some other facts. Sephiroth's Masamune has six Materia slots in three linked pairs, zero Materia growth, a 255 Hit rate and 99 Attack power. It has a 100% critical hit rate. Getting stabbed in the foot would probably be a fatal blow from that.
lol it amazes me how many people are butt hurt about a comment written at least a year ago that lines up with a Game Theory video talking about the same thing.

But if we're talking about game mechanics being relevant then, how come we can't use Phoenix Down on her when she "Died" when the only way we can't use it is when someone is alive. Ergo, she was alive when someone dropped her paralyzed ass into the water.
When someone is upset enough that someone introduced medical and real world knowledge to a game that is a formative experience then tells you to kill yourself then blocks you so you can't respond like the coward they are. 

Gotta love those poor saps who are emotionally compromised. 
Illythyrra-Eldin's avatar
Fun fact:  You're an idiot.  Kill yourself.
msimoneaux20's avatar
OMG... MY HEART BROKE INTO PIECES ALL OVER AGAIN WHEN I LOOKED AT THESE SERIES OF PHOTOS... The costumes, the setting, the expressions, the lighting... Oh, the list could go on and on, what a magnificent job you've done. And you really pulled off the drowning sensation, and can tell you really just let go and... well done, your dedication was worth it. One of the only things I think was wrong with this one in particular (if I may) is that there wasn't any blood streaming from the wound in the water... There's a bit on the first few, when she's above water, but not here. 
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One of the best cosplay I love ever seen!
KanadeTheFlowergirl's avatar
I need to try drawing this amazing and beautiful cosplay. You've inspired me!
londoncasting's avatar
This was a doll, right? You didn't really drown someone?
Adella's avatar
It's me, and there were a few moments I was worried I would drown.
londoncasting's avatar
Wow  You really go the extra mile for your work. Amazing
UsagiYogurt's avatar
All of the underwater photos are so fantastic!
AngelMariaStars's avatar
Man, how amazing! Your pics are always awe-insipring. I'd love to know how you get the side pose of that... I mean the pic of it specifically.
drinkinbud's avatar
this is absolutley amazing :)
Zefram's avatar
Bloody hell, now that's going the extra mile for your art. 
RanmaCMH's avatar
These shots are incredible.  Totally worth the discomfort, I hope. 
Ardwynna-Morrigu's avatar
Worth it! Thank you for making all this effort, all of you.
Briannabater's avatar
BigMac1212's avatar
Great cosplay and framed scene.
TheBlackCatRei's avatar
You make an amazing Aeris! xD She was always my favorite character!
finalknight0x3's avatar
Wonderful job very beautiful
CarnalConcepts's avatar
I admire anyone who suffers for their art, and the results of this series are staggeringly good :eyepopping:

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