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Aerith Aeris Gainsborough

Well there seemed to be an overwhelming "YES" to me uploading some cosplay pics, so this one is one of my Aeris Gainsborough shots. I figured I might start with her. The costume is hand created by me, makeup by me, hair by me, and the photography was done by my boyfriend.
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ein Schnürsenkel gehört ja eigentlich zu einem Schuh, aber eng um so eine hauchzarte lange Kehle geschnürt sieht er auch fantastisch aus
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OMG how long have I been staring into those bewitching eyes? Where did my Saturday go?
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You're my absolute favorite Aeris!  I heard you used your own hair for this, but do you know of any good quality Aeris wigs?

We're recruiting amazing artists, like yourself, to join our exciting FFVII project. Legally, I cannot discuss too much publicly, but please contact me at danielpurcell87@gmail,com asap to talk further.

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a very well executed photo :) nice work
btw you look just like her :)
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to quote joe dirt "I can see down your shirt"
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OMG!!!!!!!! U make such an amazing Aerith!!! :D
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Your hair is your real hair in this photo, isn't it? It's brilliant.
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This is the best cosplay of...ANYONE!!!!!! She is pretty and kinda looks like Aeris!
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This is one of the BEST Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay-Costumes I've ever seen! *-*!
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You have to be THE BEST Aerith/Aeris ever in Cosplay history! Consider this faved. :)
Best Aeris cosplay ever.

Which is a pretty big deal, when you consider cosplay of certain RPGs or manga/anime characters is best served by japanese themselves.
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Will you dress me up like a girl, Aerith?
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Very beautiful.
hi just a quick question.. what kid of contacts do u use here? Is it a Geo lens? Could u please tell me which one you're using and where u got it cause i've got real troubels finding the right one. thnx ;)
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:wow: Is that actually YOUR hair?! It's not a wig?! Damn... you have some serious hair styling skills, it looks perfect O.O And the rest of your cosplay is amazing too! Spot on! Do you have her staff too? Whose signature is that on the coat?
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The signature is Tetsuya Nomura's himself. It's quite amazing.
That to me is the highest honor of all.
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Totally! She's as lucky as :iconpikminlink" who got Shigeru Miyamoto to sign her Link cosplay :D
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