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Tree Troll

Simple vector graphic that looks exactly as I wanted it to (: wow, it's rare ;P

Illustration Friday's topic was "Giant" and this shapeless tree-something was what first thing that came into my mind. What I like the best in this picture is the troll's face and all those greens compared with bright red and dark background. It looks quite nice, I must admit :B

I'm after first day of Animation Course :XD: I showed some drawings from it on my Fabulous Blog. Feel free to check them out :3
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With a very simple color and shaping style, this is very memorable and cute, reminds me very much of childhood. And while the coloring is simple, the colors themselves are truly gorgeous. I think this is a very well put together piece. The trolls expression is, again, simple, yet very impacting. Even though he wears a simple smile, you can feel his energy and excitement of making a new friend. And the girl, while simple (shocker) is very impacted by meeting such a sweet creature, even though he could easily kill her, she understands he is just trying to make a friend. I overall, love this piece.
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A glorious forest creature...
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Now that... is just adorable.
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this is so cute!! I wanna hug the forest!
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No, seriously, I love his derpy little face. ♥
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This thing is neat! <3
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That is just too adoreable for words! Cuteness overload!!!! :shocked:
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this is awesome!
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so cute and wonderful :)
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you should totally submit this to Threadless.
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One of the most adorable trolls I have ever seen. :meow:
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Oh my goodness... he/she/it is wonderful! Love the depth of the trees on its back. I kind of want it on a t-shirt.. :3
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I love this look! The Vector definitely works for you! :)
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adorable! i'm glad it came out exactly like you wanted. that is indeed a wonderful accomplishment. :D
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ADORABLE! I love the colors!!
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it' awesome, loved the super mountain/tree/troll/thing/supercute thing <3 ahhahaha
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Awesome! Great colors and he looks like such a great character. I could def see him in a children's book. :D
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Nie no, trol jest boski, nie dość że śmieszny i przedstawia scenke, to jeszcze przesłodki !
Rewelacja ! :+fav:
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