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_we used to walk here together



it's a warm picture
taken on a sunny summer evening
but with a sad title
because right now....i'm quite miserable.

my heart is cold
so let this picture take some
warm sunbeams to yours.

soundtrack: jose gonzales - heartbeats
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To start off this photograph instills a certain 'calmness' inside of me. It has a very peaceful aura to it. When I first saw this piece it felt like the road was underneath my bare feet and the sun was screaming my name, calling me into its light.

I sat here studying this photograph trying to find something that wasn't 'out of this worldly'. During that process I found only one thing that was slightly, well out of place you could say. That one thing is the tire tracks. In no means am I saying that this draws away from the photo's beauty. Simply saying that while the overall picture seems to be something you could see only in a dream the tire tracks pull me back into reality.

Had saying that, that could be another positive in this photo if you chose to look at it that way.

Overall this photograph most certainly impacted me.
I feel like I am running through the woods barefoot smiling at the birds chirping and sun washing over me.