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At the saloon


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Gideon's 300

Faith n Bible

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like this 2

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Better days are coming

Spiritual Graphics

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INK Rules, BandW Wins

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Take Me A Picture

CoolStuff, models n ref

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GIF animation fireworks

tuts, tools, info and resources

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Hokuto no Ken vs IkkiTousen Kenshiro vs Ryofu

Digital Comics

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Alien Species concepts


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Shao Jun - Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

toys, cosplay n stuff

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World's Highest Standard of Living


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Surreal Fantasy II


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Pleistocene Megafauna


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The villain Pathos

Revelations Arts

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REMAKE: Superman


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War is a Racket!

politicks n such

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Next Stop, the Twilight Zone

Quotes n the like

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Django Unchained

Black and Ethnic imagery

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Mask On!

Cosplay-cons info

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Indieversity Project and How to submit

While the original deadline of July first has passed, unsurprisingly the post-deadline interest in submitting to the Indieversity Project has grown. And so, I've decided to extend submission time until I'm ready to commission the cover art for this. So for those who have been asking or wondering, the submission guidelines are as follows... 1) I’ll need you to select characters from your world that you think best define what your world is. It can be a team, a random assortment, or even just a single character. They then need to either be arranged in a grouping that fits the example space below, with a white background. 300 dpi image please. The image can be as large as you like, but must be shaped to fit into a space with the below proportions. I'll shrink it to fit on my end. 2) I’ll also need you to choose a numerical designation for your Earth, or letter, or Greek letter, or something along those lines. No “Earth-Joe Blow Comics” or stuff like that. Folks have seemed to

journals n notes n debat...discussions

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Master Studies 1 - Charles Dana Gibson

sketches wip etc

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I love comics


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Dragon VIII - Kneel

body refs

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Shrineheart's Lexicon Pack - 20 Brushes


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Arknights Fan Art Contest

Attention all Arknights fans! Enter the Arknights first anniversary contest, Operation: Fan Art, with over $18,000 USD in prizes to be won. 1st place wins a Wacom Cintiq 22, a professional tablet, and more! #ArknightsFanArtDA ChallengeView EntriesRulesFAQ13+ International Fan Art Contest Contest Closed December 26, 2020 In celebration of the game's first anniversary, Arknights teamed up with DeviantArt for a classic fan art competition. Deviants created fan art of one or more existing Operators from Arknights Global Game for the chance to be a winner — there was over $18,000 USD worth of prizes! The Winners These Winners Have Con

commissions- artist 4 hire -etc

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Loeg - 68 - Post

League of X

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