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Any Idea for a Title?

By addy-dclxvi
WM : Openbox Patched by Dylan Araps
Tint2 : Minimo by Nixie Pro
Wallpaper : I don't know the original artist, but I got it from here…
Now Playing : Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Season, Spring
Icons : Breeze
Running : vim, feh, and rm -rf / :D
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Colorscheme pls?tnx
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It's my old setup. The colour schemes has been changed now…
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Ashamed Hmm this is a patch or what for Openbox?
Gives the circle of windows
The site says nothing about this.
Probably a patch?

The circle is not much flattened, but the interesting exhaust of the window circumference
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Patch, and it's available on AUR. The package name is openbox-patched
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Linux is Beautiful  Stare 
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Yes, It can be beautiful. Depends on your imagination ;)
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judulnya ntaps soul gan :D
bisa gitu ya wm nya, cb ubuntu bisa kek gini...:P
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Bandai Pelastik Builder
:D :D :D
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Saya masukan ke konsiderasi :D
Ubuntu juga bisa kok, tapi lebih mudah di Arch :p
Kapan2 coba Arch yuk :)
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pernah nyoba arch sekali...puyeng gan No, I disagree! 
ane msh baru di linux Waaaah! 
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Puyeng pas install pertama aja kok.
Habis itu pakai Arch jauh lebih mudah dari pakai Debian based ;)
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Nice shot, how to patch openbox
Can you give details about window edges and the shadows?
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I hope You are using Arch, It is easy. Just install openbox-patched package from AUR, then there will be a message to put a line of code to ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml (after You install the package). After You edit it, do openbox --reconfigure and You will see a rounded corner.
For the shadow, I'm using compton. In case You need my compton config, it is available in my github (the link is in my profile).
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Thanks dude, I'm thinking of doing a clean setup in the evening. I can ask for help if I get stuck.
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You are welcome. Good luck :)
No worries 👍
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title : Class(ic) :v
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it's fckin cool :)
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Still can surpass Your setup :ashamed:
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