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Coming back a boss book cover :iconaddmlova:ADDMlova 0 0
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Just practicing a character called mangle
from fnaf2 'human version' gave up cus sketchpad SUUUCKKKKSSSS, I'm just doing it on a notebook now. maybe I'll try it in the future?
the show must go on!
Not sure how I should feel about it, just practicing!
La Queen!!!
I made this a couple months ago when I was still a noob at digital art (still am but better) and I was watching Shane Dawson, so I thought QUUEEEEEEENNNN!!!!
disclaimer: the book Long live pharaoh Nevinble is mine along with my Oc's Nevinble, dmend, and guard livend. Everything else (except for the school friends, and teachers are based on real people) are owned by Hasbro and valve.


disclaimer outta the way lets get started. Ok, so the reason I put a disclaimer in my book and my OC's and the character of real people I based Kaitlyn Oakland and Mr. Roberts, Thomas Stephen, Carley Davix etc. They are based on people in my real life, as a 6th grader (in the book Nev is supposed to be a freshman in high school) is based on actual events that happen at school in my life. - And just because I wanted to, and so I don't get confused, I put their first real names and made up their last. Now that may sound bad, I know (And I did just quote phone guy from fnaf 1 lol) but hey, it's not like they know this even exist so no harm no foul. 

the reason I made this a rant is to just vent my ideas and spew out trash to my enemies.

Ok so let's start with Thomas Stephen (oui dis guy) this guy has a track record for being a smelly douche bag, in fact, on the first day of 6th grade (which I will no doubt put in my book) told me to go fuck myself in a hole. Yeah. When I look back at it, I laugh my ass off (i.e. right now lol) OK so what happend was we were doing our get to know us thing we uselly do at my elementry, me and my long time friend KeVhan Tyler (once again fake last name) were quitly talking to each other since Mr. Roberts is so anal about that, anyway, we chatted queitly and we were oucausly talked to Thomas becaude he was new and we didn't know his devil side, and we were working (me and KT) and we noited the time and started to work faster and Mr. AnalR told the class that we had 10 minutes before we switch classes since there was only 2 teachers, Mr.R and the not so bad Mrs.T and I noticed thomashadn't picked up his pencil onece since this morning, I asked why and he said "because I dont want to" "Why not?" KT asked raising an eyebrow "Because. I. Don't. want. to." Thomas said with a little attitude. "well, why's that?" I asked looking up from my work. He said nothing but glared daggers at me and KT sighed and crumpled up the packet, walked over to the trash can that was under a counter and placed in the corner of the counter Mr.R looked up from taking note and then just went back to writing, while the entire class was just staring at Thomas in confusion as he went back to his seat [across from me and to the right of KT in my p.o.v. we were also in the middle of the room too. So the first thing I thought to do was go and grab the crumpled up packet, uncrumple it and give it back to him. He was now fuming and demanded why I did that, "Why give it back to me?" "cuz, as a newcomer I won't give a chance to be a good student, and not get in trouble about not doing a packet about yourself," I said trying to be polite to him. "Well, I don't wanna do it" he said sounding like a 3 year old not wanting to eat his veggies, raising his voice loud enough to make Mr.R hear it "Ssssshhhhhhh..." (He does this a little too much to be normal) Thomas muttered something under his breath about holes and KT jerked his head from his drawing that he was doing, and said "What did say?" A little confused. Thomas repeated what he muttered a bit louder so KT and I could hear only, he turned to me and said: "Go fuck yourself in a hole." I was shocked. Then KT shot up from his seat and yelled "what?!" Now the whole class was watching and, then I stood up too and said, "What did you say?!" A little confused, shocked and angry. "I said go fuck yourself in a hole!!!" he yelled so loud that I'm sure the other class could hear him. "WHY would you say THAT!?" KT yelled out, not nearly as loud tho. "Dude, what did I do to you?" I said trying to match the confidence of his, for yelling that at me. I was furious, I wanted to scream so many profanities at him and his bushy eyebrows. At this point, Mr.R was mad at us for disrupting the class, but he was he was even madder at Thomas for yelling 'go fuck yourself in a hole'. so he sent Thomas to Mrs. gamseys (another fake last name!!!) for the rest of the day. 

There was another time I had to hold Thomas from fighting my friend Gavin Montego, literally hold on to his arms as he was spitting on my face yelling so much, (Another fake last name! WOOOH) but that's another plate of cookies for another glass of milk. (Now I'm quoting Hellbent, hell yea!) 

I think that's enough storytime ranting for now! Part 2 will be coming out... whenever anywho my book Long live pharaoh Nevinble is on wattpad by the exact same I use for everything, so I'm gonna go edit this and start working on chapter nine! Have a good night!


Emily C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


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