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When u get ROYAL VICTORY #1
Fandomtheboogirl's avatar
when I read a lemon fanfic yes yes yes 
DogHouseDude's avatar

Ooookay then. Shoudnt have searched that up...

DogHouseDude's avatar

Bruh??? Bruh to you, that made me cringe, but who cares. I'm not one to be judging.

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Fandomtheboogirl's avatar
if you're young then you won't want to know...if you's something 18+.
DarkRookLobby's avatar

I will kindly take the advice 
Fandomtheboogirl's avatar
yeah...can I see you are a pretty young person...not too young but quite young.
pogothebozoart's avatar
When your wife is talking to you and your not listening yes 
model88's avatar
Uh huh...

thanks for for posting this!
rurind's avatar
when your orange meds are gone and over.yes 
TheRunningRunner's avatar
when someone asks you if you are okay after you get mental scared  yes by AddMedia
DragonFuryRide's avatar
When you want that last KFC chicken piece in the bowl and you get it yes  but then you find out that someone stole your last damn chicken piece Eye Zoom Eye Zoom Eye Zoom Eye Zoom Eye Zoom Eye Zoom                               rest in pepperonis, le chicken piece ;c
MettatonIsFab's avatar
When your friend is ranting about something you hate
Foxxythehunter's avatar
When an enemy gamer asks if they really suckyes yes 
SuperGarfieldBros's avatar
when you complete a really difficult level for the first time yes 
LovelyNotte's avatar
when you know one of you're friends are bullshiting and you know it yes 
SuperGarfieldBros's avatar
you know it and you know it
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