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IAmAutism Traditional Artist
Everyone on lockdowns at first: I enjoy this new normal

Everyone on lockdowns as months progress:  tears by AddMedia
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TheBlueBlur09Hobbyist Traditional Artist
When your Minecraft dog dies in lava.
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ZelphireStudent Digital Artist
when you see a cute animal in the street and you wanna adopt it but your parents won't allow it-
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MettatonIsFabHobbyist General Artist

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StickythefirebandStudent Artist
when you have haters tears
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CalamityVIIProfessional Digital Artist
tears me when I was writing this:…
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tears When AGAIN my favorite Character Dies...AGAIN
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MwmeAJStudent Digital Artist
When Magolor tricks you in Kirby tears 

I looked at the icons in Add Media when I looked up tears and I ended up crying.
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When Gamzee died in Homestuck: tears 
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SusieThePegasisterHobbyist Digital Artist
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artistnevaHobbyist Digital Artist
When OTP has feels
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XxStayCalmxXHobbyist Writer
When senpai moves away:tears 
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CatzunsStudent Digital Artist
i died from u lol
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When my iPads mini dies on metears tears tears tears tears tears 
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Me when some one deleted my favorite videotears tears tears Support the sadness tears tears tears tears tears tears tears tears tears tears tears 
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MettatonIsFabHobbyist General Artist
I raged when that happened
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SpagettiKittyMintStudent Digital Artist
T (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) I (Alphabets) S (Alphabets)    N Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) B (Alphabets)    G (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)    # NumberSign,Pound,Hash (Symbols) S (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) K Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)  
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SweaklyHobbyist Digital Artist
tears tears Crying Mako Meiko Honma Menma (Excited) [V1] Emo Pic - tears tears Cry emote Cry emote Cry emote Cry emote Tears of Joy Tears of Joy Tears of Joy Tears of Joy 
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V (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)   M Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words) I (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) 
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from a friend on the computer, did what it told me to, and within a week,

everything I had wished came true!! Here's an exact copy,




1. To yourself, say the name of the only guy or girl you wanna be with 3


2. Think of something you wanna accomplish within the next week and say

it to your self 6 times!!

3. If you had 1 wish what would it be? say it to yourself 9 times!!!

4. Think of something that you want to happen between you and that

1special person and say it to your self 12 times!!!

5. Now, heres the hard part! Pick only 1 of these wishes and as you scroll

down focus and concentrate on it and think on nothing else but that wish.

* *

* *

* *

Now make one last & final wish about that one wish that you picked.

After reading this, you have 1 hour to send it out to 15 people, and what

you wished for will come true within in one week!

u only get one chance!!!!! Now scroll down and think of your



Did you think of your crush? I hope so, that was your last chance. Now

pay very close attention this important message!

Sorry but once read, must be sent. Yes, this is one of those kinda chain
letters that everyone hates. This one has been going since 1864 and if you
break this chain, you will pay!!!!!! Remember that after hearing these

First Example:

Take Barbra Wallace.. She was a pretty lucky girl, up till she got this same
chain letter. She had a crush on the same kid since kindergarden. when she
got this mail she didn't pay any attention to it. She just thought, no big deal.
And deleted it. The next day her dad got fired and her mom dies in a car
crash. If she would have sent the letter none of that would have happened
and her mom would be alive.

Second Example:

Try Freddie D. Now Freddie D. was your average nerd. Had glasses, was
short and chubby, was in gifted. All the signs of
your total dork. He also received this letter and sent it to 51
people in the hour. Now, like Barbra, he had a crush on a girl since 3rd
grade. The next day after sending the chain the girl confessed her love for
him ever since 3rd grade. Freddie D. finally had the courage to ask her out,
and of course, she had been waiting to yes to that for years. They grew up
and married each other to live happily forever.

Now, you heard the stories. I know which person i'd rather
be, but thats up to you. I wouldn't wanna end up like Barbra but thats only

me. We all want what we cant have but now's ur chance to go out withthat

special somebody ur waiting for. Take it or leave it. If you send this to-

1 person- you will lose all luck in ur love life..... forever!!!!!

10 people- your crush will say they like you as a friend...... ONLY!!!!!

15 people- your crush will say they like you

20 people- your crush will ask you out!

25 people- your crush will kiss you!!

30 people - Your crush will have sex with you

35 people or more- All of the above!!

Don't blow it, it's ur chance to shine! Have everything u wanted, and more!

Now, complaining cus u dont have any
friends. Well theres an answer 4 everything. It's simple, just go in a chat

room, pick some names and send away! but here's the catch..... you only

have 1 hour
if the pain goes on im not gonna make it...! 
sorryi just want to teleport to anime from kitty-kawai<don't copy this also this just a letter from me that I don't believe in these but its woth a try XD
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AmandaTheArtist255Professional General Artist
Shuddering Letter: N Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: P Shuddering Letter: E      Shuddering Letter: T Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: T    Shuddering Letter: D Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: E Shuddering Letter: S      Shuddering Letter: N Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: T    Shuddering Letter: W Shuddering Letter: O Shuddering Letter: R Shuddering Letter: K   

  :angry: :angry :angry: :angry: Angry emoticon Uwouldnt like me when Im angry Angry Ladybug emoticon MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Angry Mad Upset Purple Guy Angry Icon Angry Gale Emote Star Angry! Kaori Angry Icon Angry Llama Emoji-66 (Angry) [V3] Angry Emoticon Yugo - Angry  
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SusieThePegasisterHobbyist Digital Artist
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I ain't gonna read this s--t!
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SpagettiKittyMintStudent Digital Artist
H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets)! Exclamation mark (Symbols)      H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols)     N Alphabets (Words) O Alphabets (Words)                   haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no haha no 
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