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when i see krattcest hide

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when teacher enters the classroom hide 
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When your parents call you by your full name

hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide 
whenever my dad calls my name hide 
santirevecolepe's avatar
When you first saw Golgo 13 smiling.
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Faq this shit I’m out
AgusM325's avatar
when you lost the cellphone of your friend and he say: where is my phone?

me: hide by AddMedia  
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when your mom gets home and you havent done homework: hide 
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When you ate your friend breakfast
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hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide 
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don't talk with me,bitch hide by AddMedia
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When you want to disappear cause you said something stupid...
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Whenever someone asks you how to art *just an example*   and you cannot tell them because you think your art is terrible.
Me:    hide  goodbye you shouldnt have asked me -_- 
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Where is hide oh i forgot he died
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Mr. Hide was quite the devilish gentleman. Is he not?
humantrash550's avatar
Lets go home ;-;
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The moment when a stranger keep ringing on your door bell... And you hide in your room...
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When it was the moment you knew
You f-cked up.
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