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Habari (Hello in Swahili)
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when me and my family are watching a super funny show / movie

Me: Laugh LOL 
My Mom: Garnet Laugh 
My Bro: Laugh 
My Dad: Freddy Laughing Chat Icon 
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Wolfworf15menkey thinks she’s Michelle Obama

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blueswansong is now forbidden to use this.
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this has become one of my favourite emotes xD thank you so much for posting it
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When someone's phone in class goes off and it's a super funny songLaugh LOL 
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When I'm at school and I remember something funny and I'm trying to keep in my laugh but I can't, cuz it was so funny Laugh LOL 
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That happened to me in class while taking a test..
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When someone thinks they can hate on me.
Me:  Laugh LOL by AddMedia Laugh LOL by AddMedia Laugh LOL by AddMedia
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this emoticon has come So Far
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this now is a meme
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when my family watching AFV

mom:GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
Dad:Pikachu Piff Plz 
My lil sis:Nommy smile 
My lil bro:Flowey's Trollface 

Me!!:Laugh LOL Laugh LOL Laugh LOL  
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Lmao love your laught xD
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