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What a strange turn of events has come.
In April, I asked a guy that was livestreaming the Arma II Mod DayZ if anyone had answered his request for a redux of the stick man that was his avatar.  When he replied in the negative I sent him a few of my ideas for a fancier, more apropos stick man.  That character became known to his viewers as "Stick" and that guy became one of my best friends and the catalyst for a creative resurgence.  I have gone from a glorified doodler back to a real, honest-to-goodness digital artist again.  That means so much to me.  Thank you, Jon.

When I started livestreaming my work in December, I never thought anyone would watch.  But as it turns out, I have a regular base of folks who stop by everyday and participate with me.  This still baffles me. Moreover, they interact with me, ask questions, make jokes, and overall just make everything more fun.  By speaking about what I am doing, where I am going, and what I am planning with a piece, it helps me organize my approach and creates a better workflow for me.  The addition of starting every day at the same time helps immensely, too.

For those that don't have the time to watch the live stream I have been putting together time-lapse videos from those streams and uploading them to YouTube.  These have also proven popular.  Backed by the awesome royalty-free music of Kevin MacLeod ( , they off a speedy look at the day's events.

2013 ended far different than it started for me.  A creative rebirth has me in the most optimistic mood in which I have ever started a new year.  I genuinely look forward to where this year will take my art, and hope that it is at least as fulfilling as the last month or so has been.

Happy New Year!

New Toys!

Fri Oct 24, 2008, 6:42 PM
SO I have a new computer and new Cintiq Tablet Monitor... what's next?

I have a somewhat ambitious project that I am leery to reveal too much about.  Its sort of a revamp of a story idea I had years ago.  It centers around a young man (who is not really that young) named Merlin (yes, that one) and how he is the Herald of the return of magic to the world.  He is immortal.  He ages, then sleeps for decades to restore his youth, waking to witness and guide the return of magic.  The last time he returned was in the late 1980s and his efforts to return magic to the world were quashed by popular culture and a shrinking world.  The story beings two hundred years later, and the world is a very different place.  Many of the today's extremists (not necessarily the first one that pop to mind) have actually managed to achieve certain goals on a global level.  The planet is in a better place for the return of magic this time around and Merlin is determined to succeed in his daunting task.  Some of those same extremists will try and bar his way, others will take his gifts and twist them to their own ends.

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Its been a looooooong time since I posted anything here (or anywhere for that matter).  Over five years in fact.  Since I am going through a divorce (again) and basically hitting my life's reset button, I have decided to get back to my creative roots in a totally new way (for me anyway).
So I have gotten to play with Manga Studio EX, and I am in love.  However, I really don't have a system to run it to my level of preference (or at least thats my excuse).  Therefore in addition to the software, i am getting a new iMac and Cintiq 12".  I figure, my life has given me hell for the last eight or so months, so its time I got something to show for it.
THe intent here is to rebuild my one time skills in the comic illustration realm and maybe put something online that I can be proud of.  I am also looking to make a major career change, so this couldn't come at a better time.  I pick up the imac in a couple weeks (waiting for an influx of money) and I have to say I am psyched.  I have wanted a mac for years as it is, and now I have a reason.
One of the reason is based loosely in an old piece of advice I once got.  The question was posed "How do i become a better comic artist?" to which the reply was "Stop reading comics for a few years".  I accomplished that as its been three years since I read my last comic on a regular basis.
I started lurking here again (shocked I remembered my password!) a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that the level of talent here has grown (and it was never bad to begin with).  The DA denizens have been a real inspiration to me so I want to throw out a global "thanks" to all of you lot!

So here is the nutshell:
No more Bryce
Back to my roots
Comics coming once again
WEEEEEEEE!  I finally have a decent connection again!
WEEEEEEEE!  I finally have a decent connection again!
Its been a long time since my last Journal entry.  I am between locations right now, enjoying the last week of vacation and time with my son.  When I say godbye to him this time, it will be a long time until I see him again.  I hate that.
I also hate dialup.  I am stuck with it for now, and will be stuck with no internet to speak of for a while.  This will drive me nuts.
Naturally my net conn at home is being a pain in my butt.  Goes for 30 or so minutes then bottoms out completely.  Usually in the nidst of a game.  Its a bitch.

Stuck at work yet again.  Pass the coffee!

I am working on a big 3D project.  If I had more experience, it may not take quite so long, but as always my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  Its another walpaper, 1024 x 768, using a robot rendered in Bryce.  If you know bryce you know that will take some time.


more bored

really really bored

I am stuck at my second job, and no one is here.  geez.
Bryce.  Wow.  So simple really.  Focus Number 1 is my first attempt at 3D rendering.  It is simple yet powerful I think.  I like it, anyway, but I am biased.
Well, I have been on vacation for the better part of 2 weeks, and its almost time to return to reality.  This is the reason I need to find a sugar mama to take care of me.
This is a neat place, I have to admit.  I found it by accident when looking for skins for my Trillian.  I am an artist and have been as long as I can remember.  I am the victim of my own short attention span however.  I hopen anyone who has the balls to llok at the site and view my work enjoys it.