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Jovian Trade Federation logo



Inpired by ~1Wyrmshadow1 's Jovian Fleet Patch, ([link]) I made this logo for the Jovian Trade Federation in a hard sf world building project I'm involved in.

-In the center there is a symbollic representation of Jupiter itself.
-Behind it is the astronomical symbol of Jupiter.
-Around it are symbollic representations of the four galilean moons, purposefully not looking like any one of them very much to avoid squabling about which moons goes where.
-Behind the moons is a ring representing the trade and unity between them.

The Jovian Trade federation is a collection of Jove-based megacorps that rule the place with an iron fist, as well as controlling the Trojan asteroids for their raw materials. They used to be an outright superpower due to their near-monopoly on large quantities of He3 for the ever-hungry fusion reactors of the inner solar system, but after the rise of Helios beamed energy they are now 'merely' the main supplier of He3 fuel for spaceships, and holding on to the various regions they annexed during their peak.
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