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I need to update this properly but a few things about me:

Im 10 years trapped in warrior cats hell, a big gay furry, future truck driver. Currently live in MI, relocating to the Twin cities summer of 2019

Oh yes, im also an artist thats why im here. I make fursuits, paint with watercolors, digital artwork and occasionally dabble in animation.

Favourite Visual Artist
ToxicLuck >:U
Favourite Movies
Animal Farm
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Relient K <3, Coldplay, Skillet, Simple Plan, 30 Seconds from Mars, Seal, Queen, Owl City,
Favourite Games
Kinectimals, COD BOps, Zoo Tycoon/Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper
Favourite Gaming Platform
Ps2, Computer, Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
GIMP, Paint, G-pen Tablet, Mecha Pencil, Paper, & Wmm
Other Interests
Avians, Canines, Felines, Script Writing, animation, sketching, reading, writing,
Howdy! Its been a hot minute since ive posted anything over here. Im most active on twitter, tumblr, and furaffinity these days and have been for the last few years. Occasionally I will dump art here or every few years post a journal update. I would like to try and get back in touch with this website and would like to get a feel for what it is like these days. I will not make any distinct promises to maintain activity here as I dont personally have much of a community these days but if we used to chat and youd like to hit me up/update me on where your life has been id be happy to talk. Mostly im feeling nostalgic. I have a lot of purging of
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Hey guys im not really back, just dumping off some of my FA art on here because I havent updated in forever. Im considering rejoining DA but am not totally sure. most of the groups I run have been shut down and while I have tried many times to re-boot them im kinda iffy. Anyway a lot has happened since I left. Still more active on FA and taking commissions. Im like, semi- engaged? which is p cool. but like I said its a semi thing so not 100% official I just like using that word. So yeah in the next ten minutes or so ill be dumping a shit ton of art.
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So I think im calling it quits on DA for awhile. I will be around for friends but p much all of my art is on my Furaffinity account now I have finished the last of my commissions over here and now im set to just kind of move on. Im in this period of transition where most of my work is commissioned pieces (A lot of these being NSFW) if any of you want to keep in contact over there, have interest in my art ect ect you can ask me for my FA user. So yeah, im gone until further notice. Also ill be Back on CPI in a week
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bab this is important
so im making twi's and mintfur's family tree stuff right 
i did kinda want to make a small story off it because i'm making a character descended from twi's family but i'm still not sure yet?? like i'm on the fence but
either way i'm drawing their families and kinda just piecing together family trees

is it ok if i use the refs and stuff for coonstar and silverdream and all the rest etc so i can draw them all together?

and the info from the coonstar account about the clan to help me remember stuff
Sure! Sorry my replies are so late... I have developed Coonstar and his story more over the years as well but you are welcome to use any references or old info I have on him! Id love to see the finished result <3
its all good boo ♥♥
if you have anything on him or bbc, or his family tree etc (since i haven't seen images of his parents or other siblings aside from one) you'd like to send then i'd totally welcome that !! any info at all tbh

i have a discord for peeps from the old days if you ever want to join it? you wouldn't have to be active or anything ofc (rn its me, thistletail, synicate, stonefur, and honeydust)
but aside from them, either way, you'll be the first to see ♥ :v
been a while but

ignoring my previous comments below i moved back to my twilighttmyst account for good B)
tis been a long time, friendo
YYYOOOOOOO PAIGE (if you are even still around anymore lmao) it's Hawk with a new account HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!? happy belated bday btw
happy birthday smol jegus