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(sorry for the crappy cell phone cam pics, but this is important)
Borrowed Time.

A couple days ago my roommate tripped going down the stairs, and tore a ligament in his ankle.  So I got to wait around the hospital for 3 hours while he was getting checked out.  In my time there I ran into this man just sitting in the hallway.  He must have weighed 70 lbs, his eyes were oh so distant...and it was obvious he was there to die.

On one arm he was wearing 4 watches, on the other 3..and the bag on his lap was crammed full of watches.  There must have been 50 or so in there.

The whole time he sat there, staring at the watch he was holding, watching time slip away.
There was desperation in his eyes as he tried the best he could to slow down the second hand that was advancing relentlessly on time he had little left of. He knew better than most, something we all pretend to understand, we are all going to die.

Time is one of those precious commodities that are more valuable, the less you have.  Such is health, happiness and love.  The time we have left on this planet is never a given.  We all live on borrowed time. Against the odds we barter every precious moment...that fever you barely beat when you were a child, that car that almost hit you when you were crossing the street last week, that bad relationship that made you hit those pills a little too hard.
Most of us stumble through this life with a good intentions, a little luck, and very little grace.

This may sound cliche, but tomorrow is a mere thought...never a reality.

If you hate your job, quit.
If you are in a relationship with an asshole, leave.
If you hate where you live, move.

If you are unhappy, change.
It is as simple as that.

That being said, quit taking things so seriously.
Enjoy yourself, you don't get another chance.

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Addictedimage is Conan Soranno and Mischa Romo.
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Miss Romo is an absolute sweetheart who drinks too much, fights too much, and is a general pain in the ass. If it wasn't for the fact that she was a kick ass artist (classical and digital) and a damn good fashion designer as well as a smoking hot model... she'd have been out on the curb a long time ago.
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the man with all the watches .. poor thing !!