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You deserve it , hah

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 26, 2010, 12:29 AM
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I thought my watchers deserve to know whats going on with me,as i didnt say much lately.I wanted you guys to know i am not a lazy ass :lol: I am working on different things....maybe 5-6 different works...from digital painting,to t-shirts design,photomanipulation & traditional painting. But i should also let you guys know that i've been having a job for two weeks now.And it's not a part time.So , for at least 2 weeks more i'll be busy earning my payment :eager: . Even though all my spare time will be concentrated on art mainly.
So , i guess i'm apologising for being a bit of a jerk and not telling you people a thing.Expect art posted though. :) :chew:
I just wanted to feature a brilliant french photographer i stumbled upon minutes ago.Its trully a treasure to find true artists able to catch reality , emotions & figures with such technique..specially since the photos are done in the 60-70-90's.It gives a nice feeling seeing art,without the necessity of artistic prostitution of a lot of kids these days.
Done with speaking.
Merci mon Dieu by SUDOR The wave by SUDOR Concerto by SUDOR
Instant 487 by SUDOR SHE by SUDOR Instant 1305 by SUDOR
Instant 1222 by SUDOR Pique-nique libertaire 4 by SUDOR Rue Desaix by SUDOR
Marie-Line by SUDOR Instant 127 by SUDOR Instant 209 by SUDOR
Instant 227 by SUDOR Darkroom by SUDOR Le chateau de la Solitude by SUDOR

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Brushes by gvalkyrie
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EphraimRO Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Amazing images. :D
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July 26, 2010