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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 27, 2011, 7:20 AM
here is the link to an interview i gave this monday to a super nice journalist from a local newspaper :D…
ps:please excuse my drunken face :D

This is the link to the tv material a local programme shot with me , about and at my exhibition.Check it out and tell me what you think (if you can understand romanian,if can simply check the atmosphere :) )

h ttp://ând-al-Alexandrei-Ciocan--v3158.html

or just go on and my article its on the upper right corner of the first page.

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPPPYYYYY!!! I never knew i could be this happy , like literally jumping around! If there should be a moment in my life to make me realise how much i love art ..and painting..and..expressing myself through it..THIS IS IT!
Though i am nervous.Like hell.The press...the eyes on me... unknowing people's reactions at seeing my works... I am 5 cm close to starting to go into delirium :lmao:
Ok,ok...*stops*(only virtually,of reality i am still jumping around like a fool) .
See you guys tomorrow! :icondeathhugplz: to all!

Ok , so , i will officially announce it:
My exhibition will be opened for two weeks on a row from 19 january (after 2 pm o'clock ) until 2nd of february , at the County Library Costache Sturza , Bacau (obviously) - (upstairs-2nd floor , next to the Art Section).

I am so excited !! :excited:
I am still thinking of giving away prints of my work (for free or a very low price-didn't think yet ) after the exhibition is over. :aww:

Now i'll thank some persons (and YES , i know i am not winning any award :P ) for helping me with this:
My parents for their support :heart: AND  Emanoil Tancau , Iulia Zară & to the headmistress Gabriela Muraru !

Anyway , this week has been veeeeery tiring.Exhausting even. I had a lot to do to prepare the exhibion,print stuff,do the posters,preparing them to be framed..etc.
I also had a busy week in what school is concerned.Tests and a lot of other things. I mainly woke up almost daily at 4:30 am to study , and went to sleep at 11-12 pm. Today was an exception,i woke up at 3:30 am :lmao:
But this weekend won't be less tiring.I have to finish reading a schoolwork more on my exhibition (i was told i should have some more drawings-so i am supposed to have a huge draw session until monday,when i have to have everything i really hope i'll get inspired...or else i'll kick my butt and get inspired if i have to :lol:) .

I know..i am talking(typing) too much..But thats just because i am nervous and eager. :eager: :dance:

Again, i will be waiting for you guys who live in Bacau to check out my artwork and tell me what you think. :hug:

And now a feature :heart::

:thumb175543466: :thumb176325385: :thumb190472310: Urban Fairy 8 by hakanphotography Frowe Minahild by AbigailLarson the last wine by berkozturk Blue Dust by thienbao exogenesis symphony by KatarzynaKostecka ma sinucid alta data by covanea Violin by AthenaTT Sugizo II by zemotion Daniel Landroche by zemotion the Banjo Player by paulorocker Redneck Date by paulorocker oneirology by loish Quick watercolor: MAD MEN by EmegE :thumb152630034: :thumb152487262: :thumb188411391: Your Snails... by Hannakin the jealous by gsackesen Reflection by luciole

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relicXth Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Damn thats soo Amazing! I'm happy for you :D I just watched the video.. I didn't understand much but was cheering for you all the time xD Saw there some pieces what really amazed me. Draw draw draw and draw and I'm sure the next time your gallery will be in some of the most famous place and TV of every nation whats showing your interview and art!

Congratulations! :D
Addicted2disaster Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Professional General Artist
thank you soooo very much Randar!your support means a lot :aww: :hug: ps:i was nervous like hell when i was interviewed :lol:
relicXth Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I belive that xD I guess anyone would have been
impuls Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
Uf, te-am sunat fara sa stiu nimic despre asta.
Ce pot sa spun decat FELICITARI si sper sa faci niste poze si la fata locului, altfel ar fi pacat!
FELICITARI-FELICITARI! Ma bucur mult! Si stii ce? Asta e doar primul pas din atatia altii ce vor urma! :)
Addicted2disaster Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Professional General Artist
nu e nimic :) Multumesc de incurajari :aww: inseamna mult,sa stii!
impuls Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011
Am citit si interviul!
Doamne-ajuta! :)
Addicted2disaster Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
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