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Autumn is my favourite season.Simple and clear enough.I just had to do a feature with art from my Autumn Love collection.Check out all these inspiring works :)


Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay.
Robert Browning

Fall by KaminekoCat

Autumn.  It reminds me of cuddling with you on those chilly days, wearing jerseys that are soft to the touch, just sitting on the couch, looking through the window at the golden leaves falling.  So slowly.  So gracefully.  So peacefully.  
It reminds me of the comforting smell of coffee.  I love that smell.  You asked me to quit drinking it and I happily did.  It was never really the taste I loved – only the smell.  No smell ever relaxed me more … until I smelled Your skin.  Such a beautiful smell.  So close I could touch it.
It reminds me of myself:  A leaf facing autumn.  Me.  Wishing only to die.  Only to be free.  Wanting the green infesting life to be drained from it.  Wanting the consuming life source to be stopped, flowing from that tree.  Yearning for the color of death to consume it. &
    hot and moody, we kicked aside death as it lay across our paths, crunching underfoot beneath burning bushes and trees
    by night we burned the dry year past against the dark cool sea of naked stars,
    a homecoming, feeling lost enough that we finally belonged, together and dizzy on friday night
    the fields went golden as the sun rose bloody and newborn into a stark blue theater, everything blooming one last time before the frost
    and it hasn’t rained in weeks.
            the harvest plys us with going-away gifts of wine and apples while the
autumnshe kissed him with paisley lips, a sugar coated tongue and a stomach full of swallowed lies.
her sweater was laced with the essence of september and donned a single missing button.
his eyes were blue like stubbed crayons, littered with stray flecks of grey and black. and his lashes pulled in her gaze and tugged on her heart as
they swung towards the night and
there were no stars.
she had feet clad with rubber sandals and she fell for more than she slipped.
the temperature dropped and
that night
so did a few glass hearts.
though his dreams fell out the back window, last night his prayers were knotted into the clouds.
she kissed his wrists,
and his kneecaps were trembling in the autumn rain.

Autumn Leaves by Pieces-Of-My-Heart AutumnMy heart is a room
with an open window;
the autumn wind
is freezing it
from the inside-
leaves slip in
to fill the void.
Autumn WeepsAbandon hope,
Cast it to the winds
Memories blown away,
Forgiven and forgotten.
Hearts withered like
The frail Autumn leaves,
Raindrops touching,
Catching on thin branches
Cold tears falling,
Between skeletal fingers
As the sun sets down.
Bleeding the sky
Even the very season
Weeps lamenting.  
Embraced by night's cloak,
Never heard speak,
Never known…
Come back to me?

a s h e s by Charlie-Bowater Farewell by alicexz T h e  P o e t by DusterAmaranth
Autumn by JessiBeans .:Lady Autumn:. by Aelathen Gathered in our sleep by MoffyCoffe
Frozen Frame by ReevolveR Moth by thundercake Reveria by TitusBoy25
Brownies by Artsammich Fall by Artsammich The Wishing Tree by Mar-ka
Autumn by MayYeo:thumb132481523: Autumn Heat by ScarletWarmth
:thumb74181728: Autumn Breeze by SAB687 Swing in the autumn by CindysArt
Autumn by InertiaRose Autumn Strummer by kayceeus My autumn by AF-studios
Spirit of Autumn by thatcraftychick Closeup of Autumn Whisperlings by enayla Nelicquele by enayla
Mirkwood by fractaldreamer Musique d'Automne by BaB-Jane Pteromys volans sillientis by Lynxander

:thumb176242153: A Kiss On Sled Hilll by kolaboy:thumb169304834:
Breath of autumn by Anna-Marine untitled 2 by kantstanja The Feeling of Quiescence by KmyeChan
Hope 3 by Sheloize AUTUMN by yaamas Afferrando L'Autunno by Claudia-SG
Autumn canal by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Here comes autumn by Zindy:thumb55827383:
Autumn nr. 2 by Floriandra autumn goddess -finish- by jurithedreamer Days of Autumn by Parororo
Autumn's Faery by Nuri7 spring as autumn by lovelycristina Autumn Fairy by Nephyla
Squirrels in Autumn by Red-Clover Autumn Faerie by kitttykat Autumn is welcoming you by arghavan
Autumn by MBKKR Autumn by IreneShpak:thumb39194475:
autumn foxes by muura Autumn's Promise by kirstinmills Autumn's Lament by WildWoodArtsCo
Autumn... by shve:thumb134231124: Autumn Winds by bridge-troll
Autumn by 4tochkin Autumn by graemeb Autumn-final by OkamiKiba13

Rust by KeepWaiting:thumb145664889::thumb149030922:
last. by bailey--elizabeth Forgotten Tree by AlexandrinaAna yearning for fall .. by KariLiimatainen
fall by Deeevilish Contemplation. by Bunnis
Nature Walk by JohnKyo sweet bitter-sweet bitter by jyoujo froooooog by cuchiii
Autumn Days by sambees The Gift by RetroChick27 Autumn kitty by WildRainOfIceAndFire
movie 01 by Inc0LOr Stefania 02 by ScorpionEntity:thumb140026550:
Autumn by Finvara:thumb66756913: Autumn by Sugargrl14
:thumb102727230: Beyond by Julie-de-Waroquier Her love by Julie-de-Waroquier
soul by MustafaDedeogLu:thumb175118130: Last Leaf by Ayaka-Itoe
Autum II by morphia-your-dream Her Morning Lullaby by fienshot you should be at home in here by jyoujo
Stock 122 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock Premade Background 655 by AshenSorrow
Veteran Car Rally III by Jez92 going nowhere by codrinseth Street of Seasons. by incredi
Together. by incredi A break from it all. by incredi Colourful morning. by incredi
Whispered Charm by Alexandru1988 Journey Home by CLAIREPROB loose leaves by bailey--elizabeth
Last Delight by MarcoHeisler The shorter story by AlicjaRodzik
:thumb159898458: One last Waltz by SebastienTabuteaud Dustland Fairytale by punkshits
The untold story by punkshits .:: Fire song ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Fall Within II by HVMK
ad meliora by TwiggyTeeluck:thumb99712515: october sun I by JustRiven
..:magic wood:.. by Avine Music in Autumn by Diangos Imaginary LVII by alessandraaa
leaf us alone. by ketroI First love 2 by Krokky ..::Golden moments::.. by Whimsical-Dreams
Late Autum Dreams by misplacedApathy inhale exhale by bailey--elizabeth Your star by Addicted2disaster
quarters-words by AlicjaRodzik Golden Thoughts by northernmonkeyz:thumb142425350:
Human nature by Diaaaaa:thumb153444838: Eliberat by a14onymus
Precieuses by TwiggyTeeluck:thumb139701551: But I miss you most of all by unknown-dark
Hiding? by Majchy Long Gone... by C-Hass
Flowing Poetry by TwiggyTeeluck Bucuresti - Legendele toamnei by christian-alexandru each morning is the same by jyoujo
The Swell Season by iNeedChemicalX Autumn in Boys Town II by FramedByNature Route d'automne by TwiggyTeeluck
paint your autumn by ssuunnddeeww:thumb103459521: Glow of Fall by UrbanRural-Photo
Mother and child. by 6ardnaxelA Alchemy by rad-ix November Rust by Dina-bv
Fall Behind by UrbanRural-Photo b i t t e r s w e e t by codrinseth Fall... by billysphoto
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Autumn is my favorite season! This works are wonderful!
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