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A big -something-

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2011, 10:25 AM

Hello everyone!:aww::salute:
I've really wanted to write a new journal for few days now,since my subscription will soon end.:iconcryplz:
I am so terribly excited (and a bit scared of, i admit) that i will start College soon.In few days I'm going to Iasi to do my "checking-in" into my dorm room and next Monday I'll officially start the classes.:iconeagerplz: I realize I've never told you guys what will i be studying: it's peisagistics /landscaping. It's a beautiful thing that combines art,architecture,urbanism with working with nature,flowers,trees.It's something very different from what i studied in highschool,but i can't wait to start!:)
I also i didn't tell you guys about my first interview ever,taken by the nice presenter of a local city TV show,1TVBacau.Actually it was an entire show to which i was invited few days before starting my final exams and just chatted with the presenter on very diverse themes,including my art of course. :la:Unfortunately the show isn't on their site,due to some problems,but i have it on dvd and any time soon i'll upload it to my blog for you guys to see it.Untill then,here is a small preview shots taking by my…
Aaaaand,the summer is was my best summer yet!!:aww::heart:I hope you guys had a lot of fun also!

I guess this journal is a little bye-bye,as in me leaving to college & also being dumped by my subscripion:..
BUT,only until next-time!:iconmwahahaplz:
Regarding my art,i have few "projects", to call them so,going on,so i will definitely try not to miss much from here! :iconpaintplz:

Before ending this journal,i thought of doing a
:iconwowplz::iconstunnedplz: FEATURE:iconstunnedplz::iconwowplz:


row your boat by fastlikecoffee One Safe Place by Khomenko   If I Lay Here.. by Khomenko Sunny by iNeedChemicalX Under the tree by PascalCampion :thumb245269390: Hit the Benches by moosekleenex Spoke by moosekleenex flashback by sepraven Honolulu by PascalCampion Ice Bridge by algenpfleger No dice by mystikal15 Commuting by PascalCampion Industrial 2 by mystikal15 kanji tattoo by yadou The magic by hikarishimoda Sacrifice by moosekleenex :thumb253612917: :thumb253302695: Tea, cakes and Princesses by PascalCampion Safe and Sound by Biffno Rush by thienbao agent no by Apofiss Rainman by Cakobelo When Autumn Arrives ... by Aeternum-designs Susan Coffey by MartaNael Closer. by valeriebastille Lychee - 2nd edition by Viccolatte For Isaac by 00-TERy-00 The Border 1 of 4 by dejan-delic Night Whisperer by nairafee Ramses II by nairafee Sketchpoo by asunder Welcome. by thefreshdoodle Back in Fall by PascalCampion Bush Clearing by postapocalypsia :thumb256013334: :thumb213523518: :thumb216944916: bent hut,, by Gegza :thumb190841300: Cat in the Grass by SethFitts Found me over the city by Pocket-Zoo Window in town by Sithzam Hedonists by zalas zem3 by yd84

Tai-tai , ya'll & take care!:salute:

Stamp: Anti-Racist 01 by emerlyrose I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d :thumb98874067:

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K-A-S-S-A-B Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Student General Artist
Good luck with uni!!! :la: :iconcheerplz:
Addicted2disaster Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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September 10, 2011
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