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Powerful song

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 1:33 PM

It is the most amazing song listened with the headphones on and at a high volume. <3

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Great photographer that perfectly captures emotion

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2015, 7:14 AM
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There are so many underrated artists..

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 11, 2015, 4:41 AM
...that deserve to be more known. Here are a few for today's eye-candy satisfaction.

street food by 0618623Mixed Media by pinaizee
the eighth circle by VijVij190x 140 cm by ilkekutlay
GREEN PARK by 1943407

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I simply adore her work.

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 5:51 AM
about a new place by agnes-cecile

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Watchers feature No. 2

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 10:38 AM
So for this week's feature i decided that from now on i won't comment the artist's works, I'd rather leave the appreciation to you :heart:
Also, for a better viewing experience, here are the full-sized works.
The random numbers for this week's watchers feature are:



124 Luca-De-Bellis 

Berlin by Luca De Bellis by Luca-De-BellisBerlin by Luca De Bellis by Luca-De-BellisWalking alone by Luca-De-Bellis

5 alexracu 

Self 3Three by alexracuThe Fame by alexracu

69 mvladut92 

Sky by mvladut92Just Me....:D by mvladut92In the Darkness by mvladut92

22 nightcrawler212 

Gorillaz style by nightcrawler212Cowboy (freedom from the fear of war) by nightcrawler212who's MAD? (more progress) by nightcrawler212

54 FrozenStarRo 

Spring by FrozenStarRoAutumn Queen by FrozenStarRoAkasha by FrozenStarRo

6 ThE-tRiBaL-aZaZeL 

No.20 by ThE-tRiBaL-aZaZeLNo.25 by ThE-tRiBaL-aZaZeLNo.31 by ThE-tRiBaL-aZaZeL

15 jane-beata

Lady with a butterfly, watercolor painting by jane-beata
Watercolor flower study by jane-beataBalloons at Charles Bridge, Prague by jane-beata

179 MoogleyMog 

The Tree 2 by MoogleyMogNebula 1 by MoogleyMog
MoogleyMog Plushie by MoogleyMog

1 DjAnjie

159 ILostControl

64 Nwair55

gonna put the world away for a minute by Nwair55
a far away dream by Nwair55backflip by Nwair55

81 Silvian25g

fractal 358 by Silvian25gfractal 307 by Silvian25gSilence of the darkness by Silvian25g

167 exploded-soda

What else is there by exploded-soda

59 annnddda

let's dream by annndddaPuzzle by annndddaTouching the Sky by annnddda

138 akatsukiness

~Deactivated account.

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In a few hours

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 4:32 AM
..I'll be submitting Watchers feature No. 2. (Sorry for the delay, i am busy working on my Bachelor's degree project is pretty time consuming.)
Stay tuned! :)

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Watchers feature no. 1

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 3:28 AM
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As a thank you to my awesome watchers, i wanted to do a showcase of your artwork! Using , I was initially going to select 10 watchers to feature on each journal post, but since many of you are not active, it seems, i went for 15 features a post. So, I've randomly selected 15 of my watchers to feature in this journal post. Each journal post, featuring 3 of each one's submissions to deviantart,  will stay up for a week. So, the random numbers from my watchlist, for this week are: 25,50,35,19,113,63,29,7,152,148,108,17,130,93,118. Enjoy their works! :iconwhiteflowerplz:

 25  Kevinchichetti

DD winning artist from Brazil, his works are eye-catching, storytelling, with just the right amount of dark.
Ride by Kevinchichetti Apocalipitic by Kevinchichetti Run Anyway by Kevinchichetti

50 sketchoo

Cartoon artist from the United States, his deviations are fresh and colorful, definitely worth a look.
Piano2 by sketchoo jazzKat Trumpet by sketchoo Mudd's Kitchen by sketchoo

35 pox02

Unfortunately, he has not submitted any deviation so far, but i still had to mention him.

19 flamepal

Again, no deviation submitted.

113 XionXIV

Artist from Germany, has a lovely collection of OCs and manga.
Dragona by XionXIV Happy Birthday by XionXIV Akira Kingdom Hearts OC by XionXIV

63 Creamydigital

Another DD winning artist, from France this time. Her works seem magical, but her gallery is very diverse.
Alice returns I by Creamydigital unhoockin the moon: :hide and seek: by Creamydigital chimera by Creamydigital


Romanian deviant, but sadly, has only one deviation to showcase.
Secrets :P by DiddyDidux

7 Alexa-Calogera

No deviations submitted.

152 snakeypies

Deactivated account.

148 Musicgurl09090

One fellow from, really tallented, with passion for both drawing and photography.
<da:thumb id="124713244"/><da:thumb id="127535829"/><da:thumb id="151382063"/>

108 Isisina

Romanian artist which happens to also be an old friend of mine, her photographic works are slightly monochromatic, captivating though, almost pencil-graphic.
Solitude by Isisina Window by Isisina 01 by Isisina


DD winning, United States artist, handling really good both the traditional media and the digital one, with crisp, delightful works.
Tangled: Best Day Ever by MAGICatMIDNIGHT You're the One That I Want by MAGICatMIDNIGHT My mini-me! by MAGICatMIDNIGHT

130 UngodlyReign

No deviation submitted.

93 Letheyann-Elethendyl

Romanian artist living in Italy, exploring digital,traditional and photographic media, with really varied, but nice works.
<da:thumb id="252449210"/> Dark Witch by Letheyann-Elethendyl Arcade Fire by Letheyann-Elethendyl

118 jpfeasy

Deactivated account.

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Wanted to let you all know that i'm alive (that's if i have any watchers left :lol: ) and that i plan on my "evil" returning !

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Merry wonderful Christmas, my beloved watchers and everyone else!

And a bright, successful, inspiring and productive New Year!

  • Listening to: Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra Christmas songs
I wish i'd learn to talk.
  • Listening to: music
  • Drinking: junk
Hello to everyone!
I wanted to write a journal for so long now,and i still do.But for now,a short notice should suffice..
Two more weeks and I'll be home , I'll find my old dusty self and we'll have a chat....and i will do a lot of other things,..
A year of learning,all kinds of learning..I want to talk about it all,but i have no spare time now.One more exam and i'll be off duty.
I just "scanned" my journal until now and i realize how i always promise to draw , but i do nothing.So for now,no promises.maybe hopes
  • Listening to: the summer sounds waiting for me outside
Yep,today i'm leaving back for college so i wanted to do a journal post for a warmer "good-bye" :heart:
Starting from monday,i'll have to deal with my first final college exams :-s It's a bit scary,actually terrifying for me,since sometimes i tend to get scared from quite stupid things :lol:
Anyway,wish me good-luck!:aww:
I want to thank everybody who has been watching me lately,posting comments and favouriting my works!You guys are so awesome!:hug:
I hate how i had my vacation planned so well( was fullfilled with artworks in my imagination) , but i couldn't do very much due to having to study..etc..I hope you guys don't mind :( I guess my true spare vacation will be in summer,so i truuuuully look forward to that!:yay:
Until then,if i may post any new(unfinished)stuff,i'll do it on here : , so check out that if you are interested in seeing more from me! :)

Ok everyone,to keep it short,i'll miss you and Deviantart veeeery much!:heart:
Take care and stay inspired,
Alex :salute:
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to everyone!:heart:
Have a snowy Christmas and a blissful New Year!:santa:
:iconeagerplz:By tomorrow this time , i'll be home ^_^
I can't wait to see my family,my town,my home,my boyfriend's dogs (XD) and just snuggle up with a hot coffee in front of my tablet&pc.
So expect to see new stuff from me,FINALLY.
Also , i'll be posting on my blog here… some of the work i had to do for the University this semester including part of my portofolio and a sketch of a garden project i have to do by the end of my vacation for my final exam.
So stay tuned , if you guys( awesome watchers) are still alive :aww:

Lots of hugs from Romania
4 more weeks!:iconyeyplz:
For Christmas :) I miss my family and town :heart:
Aaaaaand , i can't wait to draw/paint again!^3^
Love is maturity.:heart:
At least i know i was there for somebody when that somebody most needed.I don't care anymore that that somebody isn't for me.
Inner peace. :)
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A quick update

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 21, 2011, 8:08 AM

Hello everyone!:salute:
I hope all of you are just fine and happy!:aww:
I'm here at college and finally got the chance to the internet thanks to my boyfriend's laptop :)
I have to write some homework but i first wanted to let you guys know i'm doing good,my room mates are nice and until now,the teachers turned out to be great!:aww:
I also wanted to leave here an unfinished work of mine,which in the end might look quite different.But until the next weekend when i'll go home and maybe draw,enjoy(hopefully) the stage the illustration is in :giggle:


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A big -something-

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2011, 10:25 AM

Hello everyone!:aww::salute:
I've really wanted to write a new journal for few days now,since my subscription will soon end.:iconcryplz:
I am so terribly excited (and a bit scared of, i admit) that i will start College soon.In few days I'm going to Iasi to do my "checking-in" into my dorm room and next Monday I'll officially start the classes.:iconeagerplz: I realize I've never told you guys what will i be studying: it's peisagistics /landscaping. It's a beautiful thing that combines art,architecture,urbanism with working with nature,flowers,trees.It's something very different from what i studied in highschool,but i can't wait to start!:)
I also i didn't tell you guys about my first interview ever,taken by the nice presenter of a local city TV show,1TVBacau.Actually it was an entire show to which i was invited few days before starting my final exams and just chatted with the presenter on very diverse themes,including my art of course. :la:Unfortunately the show isn't on their site,due to some problems,but i have it on dvd and any time soon i'll upload it to my blog for you guys to see it.Untill then,here is a small preview shots taking by my…
Aaaaand,the summer is was my best summer yet!!:aww::heart:I hope you guys had a lot of fun also!

I guess this journal is a little bye-bye,as in me leaving to college & also being dumped by my subscripion:..
BUT,only until next-time!:iconmwahahaplz:
Regarding my art,i have few "projects", to call them so,going on,so i will definitely try not to miss much from here! :iconpaintplz:

Before ending this journal,i thought of doing a
:iconwowplz::iconstunnedplz: FEATURE:iconstunnedplz::iconwowplz:


row your boat by fastlikecoffee One Safe Place by Khomenko   If I Lay Here.. by Khomenko Sunny by iNeedChemicalX Under the tree by PascalCampion :thumb245269390: Hit the Benches by moosekleenex Spoke by moosekleenex flashback by sepraven Honolulu by PascalCampion Ice Bridge by algenpfleger No dice by mystikal15 Commuting by PascalCampion Industrial 2 by mystikal15 kanji tattoo by yadou The magic by hikarishimoda Sacrifice by moosekleenex :thumb253612917: :thumb253302695: Tea, cakes and Princesses by PascalCampion Safe and Sound by Biffno Rush by thienbao agent no by Apofiss Rainman by Cakobelo When Autumn Arrives ... by Consuelo-Parra Susan Coffey by MartaNael Closer. by valeriebastille Lychee - 2nd edition by Viccolatte For Isaac by 00-TERy-00 The Border 1 of 4 by dejan-delic Night Whisperer by nairafee Ramses II by nairafee Sketchpoo by asunder Welcome. by thefreshdoodle Back in Fall by PascalCampion Bush Clearing by postapocalypsia :thumb256013334: :thumb213523518: :thumb216944916: bent hut,, by Gegza :thumb190841300: Cat in the Grass by SethFitts Found me over the city by Pocket-Zoo Window in town by Sithzam Hedonists by zalas zem3 by yd84

Tai-tai , ya'll & take care!:salute:

Stamp: Anti-Racist 01 by emerlyrose I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d :thumb98874067:

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Worth raving about

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 22, 2011, 7:31 AM
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2011, 10:40 AM
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