MMD Mirai Suenaga - Vayanis type DL
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Ula has allowed distribution of this edit, so i'm releasing Mirai Suenaga version Providence42.

Its based off an Ula LAT kagamine Rin model, grafted with Ula's Megurine Luka hair, because i like it's dynamics more.

I still think it looks too much like Rin, most of the fine details are still off, and i'm still editing the facial features. I will issue an edit if it gets better. There are already others doing this on the crimrose base, which gives you more similarity to the original design, but i want to try for a LAT type edit version

I made her for myself, so don't expect this model to be MMD-PV grade. I'm still wondering why ~RaikuHoshigami used Haruka [link] for his PV [link] . She was just a minor edit and recolor. still, lol.

anyway, there are two versions:
Normal - which does not have hair IK bones (it wont work because i disabled them). best for mmd agent and mikumikudance motions
Poseversion - which has hair IK bones. the hair tends to get messed up while motions are running, but more useful for still pictures.

Editing: OK
Redistribution: you need Ula's permission to redistribute (Megurine Luka terms and conditions [link] ). If you have it, then redistribution is OK
Conditions: follow the original creator's terms and conditions.

Crediting vayanis is not required.
Credit these people instead:
LAT, Ula, ポッキー, Animasa - base and parts used
Danny Choo, Azami Yuko - Mirai Suenaga character design

Other Mirais not made by me:
Trululu1 Mirai & Kanata - [link] - [link]
Bakanekoaru version - mark 1 and mark 2 - [link] [link]

My Previous models
Rin cosplaying Kanata mk1 [link] mk2 [link]
Haruka Suenaga - [link]
Secret garden lat miku [link]

Tested on MikuMikuDance 739dot and MMDAgent

also, if you play Moekana, i'ld like you to test something out - [link]
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wbread|Hobbyist General Artist
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siawenli19891025|Hobbyist General Artist
i see progress.
still gotta work on her facial features ;)
good job
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thanks. still, can have many improvements, but no time to do so.
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