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Kanata Hoshikawa cosplay by Kagamine Rin DL 2
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Published: July 4, 2012
If i had to give the picture a name, it would be 'Origin of the Absolute Terror Field'

[download does not include the Sandrock Gundam shotels]

Novigen 43 version now replaces Alvion 44 [link] , but i'll leave the older model there for you to make comparisons.

Haruka Suenaga- [link]

The new model in general, is a much more glitch free version which i remade from nothing after learning a few things from making Haruka Suenaga. Her vest, skirt and blouse behave much better, but still gives me headaches occasionally. I also tried to follow the original illustration as closely as possible.

Novigen 43 improvements since Alvion 44
- model completely remade from a ULA LAT SailorS Rin with parts from White Rin, and LAT Miku]
- color scheme uses the colors in illustration (colors somewhat darker)
- logos on sleeves remade in Google Sketchup
- Logos on sleeves can no longer be retracted (no facials)
- Glasses and fingernails recolored to orange
- Removed Parent Master bone because it was causing the physics without bone attachments to be displaced by about 12 units, forcing me to need to make 2 models to test. New version only includes 1 model. Add master bone yourself.

- Blouse made from the SailorS rin blouse without any grafting. Lines at the waist should be eliminated
- sleeve problem greatly reduced, but still exists

- Strap on back of shirt remade in google sketchup to get the 3D effect you would expect from a strap with buttons

- Skirt now uses the LAT White type. Its higher than the SailorS type, so it wont give problems when running motions like Sadistic Love, but increases her zettai ryouiki level, and also increases probability of panty shots.
- Skirt reverted from Saboten type physics to LAT White type physics for better coherence in design
- Black blotches from previous version greatly minimized.

- Physics balls added to sleeves, so hair from other models cannot bypass it.
- leg ribbon physics changed to cylinder types, and set to allow each other to bypass each other, but still collide with leg.
- Shoulder flap physics changed to different group, but problem still persists.

Crediting me is not required, but credit the following people:
[copy start here]

Danny Choo, Moorina - character design for Kanata Hoshikawa
Ula, LAT - Kagamine Rin PMD model & Hatsune Miku PMD model - Base
Animasa - Haku Yowane - Ribbon
ポッキー - My little vampire Miku - Sleeves

[copy end here]

background is project MIMIC by ~invictuzz688 converted from a sketchup model into a .X accessory file.

Mirai project now in order.
~BakaNekoAru is already making one in the works - [link] , but i will develop one independently. [we are on friendly terms with each other, lol]
still, i will see if it is possible for a mirai model to be made with minimal use of credited parts, even if it does mean i need to make stuff from scratch (i will not install 3DCG). So its going to have a LAT base.

Will still be fixing these two models from time to time though.
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wbread|Hobbyist General Artist
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1KaitoShion|Hobbyist Digital Artist
By the way... how can you edit PMD's anyway...

I'm only Using MMD Tiny AR on Android Tab to make the models dance... but I can't allow them to make a pose... neither to control physics....
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So far i have yet to locate any software which will run on an android phone.  So far i dont have any need to.  Because my phone has only slightly more features than a brick...
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CJO1234|Hobbyist General Artist
Rin looks so cute in this. :squee:
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i prefer the one where i had her sever Kaito's head.

i think i labelled it Slaughter princess
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really cool!
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things are generally slow on my newer models. physics issues
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