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yes, it's been a long, long while. I'll try to take some more photos, or maybe draw, as soon as I find something to take photos of. ;) Suggestions?
R.I.P. Smokey. :cry:
R.I.P. Smokey. :(
I just got back from taking some pictures in Auburn, CA. It was a generally terrible time of day to try and take epicures (thank you mister sun) but I hope you enjoy anyway :) I might go back in the morning and take a few more. It's hard to really capture this small town. Pictures don't do it justice.
It's the town of my birth and childhood...go easy on it. It's the most wonderful place in the world, if you know where and how to look. :)

Oh, and I JUST discovered if you want one XD
ok, so they're not new, but I uploaded some food photos that I've been sitting on. I don't normally add food pictures to DA because they aren't"artsy" enough, but I hope you enjoy. :D One of my passions other than photography is baking :D
I've been uninspired since last fall, but it's time to take more pictures again :D
heh, Sorry to my watchers for the spam. I've been saving up. :P…

I love photos like these. The photo concept is really interesting. It makes the past so much more real.
Happy spring!
It's official :D
My laptop died last Monday. And I don't mean in any kind of recoverable sense. The fan inexplicably stopped, and then the CPU cooked itself. It was much like driving a car without a radiator until it blew up. :( Apparently it's a pretty common way for this particular model to die.
So, I won't be on here much, at least until I get a replacement. Of course I have picked out a model that has yet to be released, and so it will be about a month and a half before it is in my hands.
I miss my girl. She was my love. :( It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I feel as though I've lost an arm.
Wow, I'm such a dork. :P
hehe, so last night i stayed up making cookies from scratch to mail to my parents for Christmas.
i had lots of fun making some new friends. of course i couldn't resist taking some pics of them. :P
so last night i had a dream of leaves. specifically my dogwood tree in the fall. the leaves were on the ground, aranged with the dark side up, and the light underbelly on the upper edge and around the 'frame'. of course, being a nut, the 1st thing i do this morning as soon as it got light was run out there with my camera to take a picture of what i saw in my dream. and of course... all of the dogwood leaves have dried up and wilted into dark brown nasty globs after all of the rain and snow ive had. im going to have to wait a full year to tangify (not a real word) my dream. :(

to give you an idea of what the leaves looked like:…
this kid is awesome:…
sorry for my long absence, ive been lurking. honest.
ive missed lots and lots of pics that ive wanted to take this fall, but i never really got around to it, and every time i wanted to take a pic, my camera batteries were dead (i blame Murphy and his silly laws).
oh ya, Happy Fall!
Today I went to Nevada City and saw Lance Armstrong race!
It was a blast. Im a local (ok, i live about 10 miles away, but still, my dad was born in Nevada City, so i have ties here) and it was fun to see a rockstar of bicycling in such a small town.
Ive uploaded 3 pics just real fast, and Ill put the last 2 laps up on youtube and post the link shortly.


Map of Course:
I was at the "T" in commercial stree"T"

Armstrong's twitter update with the win:…
Thanks everyone for the faves. If you've faved something of mine lately and i haven't responded, don't take it personally. ive just been really busy lately. but ya, thanks :D ive been looking thru the gallery of people i watch, and you guys have come up with some awesome artwork too. i hope to be able to go thru them and fave soon.
until then, have fun and enjoy spring/summer! (for us northern hemisphere people at least) :P
today is my dear friend's :iconevelynn-rose: birthday! everyone please join me in wishing her a very special birthday!!

happy birthday my friend!!!!!!!!!!!! :twenty: :cake:
:juggle: :winner: :w00t: :party: :love: :boogie: :dance: :airborne:
today i took a hike with a long-time friend from high school. it was about 6 miles round trip but trust me, hiking to the bottom of a canyon,to the river and back feels longer. she kept getting anoyed by the fact that i kept stopping every 100 ft to take 3 or 4 photos, but it was fun to hang out with her.
i took just shy of 800 pictures..... in an afternoon... the 'keeper' photos total 87.... ya.... um, prepare for da spam!!! im trying to decide if i want to stretch it out a little, or just upload them all at once. its hard because i want to share so many!
heres a… to a posting that i made a few years ago, the last time i hiked down this trail. it shows a map of the trail, as well as a few pics i took.

EDIT: ok, so ive added about 30? but i still have lots and lots more. ill save those for the sanity of my watchers :P
ive been featured by Tanja :iconanyahoss: :dance:
you can view her journal here:…
Done at the recommendation of  :iconkissofcrimson: i ususally stay clear of these things, but oh well, here it goes.

ok, so i cheated a bit. I used rhythmbox to make a randomized playlist from all of my songs with a rating of 4 or 5. im surprised how well it turned out. sorry if you dont know the songs, youre just missing out :P to prove that you can find anything online, ive added links to the ones i could find easily.
Stole it from *jcspenny

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie.

Opening Credits: Hayling -- FC Kahuna -- Machine Says Yes…

Waking Up: Altitude [Red Square Reprise] -- Hybrid -- Wide Angle…

First Day At School: More Powah to You -- Xploding Plastix -- Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskir…

Falling In Love: Tess -- David Holmes -- Oceans 11 Soundtrack…

Fight Song: Wayward Soldier (From 'Hero' ) -- Bear McCreary -- Battlestar Galactica: Season Three…

Breaking Up: To Build A Home -- The Cinematic Orchestra -- Ma Fleur…

Prom: Six -- Ratatat -- 9 Beats

Life: Homecoming -- Tunng Vs. Taraf de Haïdouks -- 20 Ways to Float Through Walls…

Mental Breakdown: Lights in the Sky -- Nine Inch Nails -- The Slip…

Driving Far Away: Chocolate Lovely -- Amon Tobin -- Supermodified

Flashback: Suite Bergamasque, Claire De Lune, No.3 -- Debussy -- Debussy…

Wedding: Caterpillar -- Beats Antique -- Collide…

Birth of Child: I'll Have the Waldorf Salad (feat. Bonobo) -- Amon Tobin -- Verbal Remixes & Collaborations…

Final Battle: We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions -- Jonathan Coulton -- Thing a Week V…

Death Scene: Jelly -- Kyle Gabler -- World of Goo Soundtrack…

Funeral Song: At The End Of The Day -- Amon Tobin -- Foley Room…

End Credit: They Live in the Sky -- William Orbit -- Hello Waveforms