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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
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My Bio

Xela // Female // UK // Hobbyist digital artist

Previously known as PlantFeathers!

Hi, welcome to my gallery! I'm a hobbyist and long time DA user who mostly does digital art, but makes the very occasional attempt at pixel art, traditional work and photography. I like drawing dragons and other winged fantasy creatures, birds and fan art related to whatever I'm into at the time, so expect to see a lot of this sort of stuff in my gallery!

My goal here is to share my work and gather feedback to help me improve my skills, so please, take a few minutes out of your day to help a fellow artist out and leave a few comments on my work, we're all here because we want some support and encouragement after all!

Replies and new uploads may be very slow, I'm a tired, low energy person and I'm currently looking to move away from DA due to the negative way the site has changed over the last decade. It's not the fun, supportive community I originally signed up for any more.

All art featured in this gallery is property of A.P.Jordan (Polar-Tang/Plantfeathers) and is not to be edited, reproduced, reposted, redistributed, sold or used in any way without my permission. My work and intellectual properties are protected by copyright laws and do not belong in the public domain.

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When I get a private message I expect it to be a commission related topic or order, so please don't send notes unless you'd like to discuss business, thanks!

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The status for accepted commissions will be displayed here. Check back here often if you'd like to know what stage your commission is at!

Commissions I'm working on:


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Cash commissions - Closed

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Free requests - Permanently closed

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If you're not able to contact me here, you can also find me on these other sites! If you come across an account with an identical or similar username to what I use or went by in the past somewhere and it isn't linked here, its not my account.

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