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Chapter 10: The Amazon Story
Ivanoff rose and led his "guests" to a slide projector. He switched it on and placed several transparencies on the panel. They showed a Latin text with shakey handwriting, small and difficult to read.
“Loanna knew how to speak, read, and write in Latin,” he began to explain. “A very educated woman, she was the daughter of a Croatian feudal lord, so she was raised in a convent. When she reached the age of sixteen she was meant to be married, but Loanna refused, and since she was her father's favourite child, he allowed her to remain unwed. Here she tells how she learned to ride, fight, and handle all sorts of weapons. She was very skilled with the bow and the sword, similar to Joan of Arc.”
“That’s unusual.” Lara said, “It was more likely she would have returned to the convent, as happened to women who refused to get married.”
“Loanna was special. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find references to her in archives or other
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Kurtis Sketch by Hydraballista Kurtis Sketch :iconhydraballista:Hydraballista 12 3
Chapter 9: The Manuscript
Gunderson twisted her arm viciously. Lara stopped struggling as that would only increase the pain. She clenched her teeth.  
“I think he still hasn’t heard you.” Gunderson whispered.
“Go to hell!” She gasped.
“I see.  Well, if the lady refuses to cooperate, we'll have to use a more convincing method.”
He told a mercenary to unsheathe the knife from Lara’s thigh and hold the blade over the fire that was burning a nearby chair. Nearly all the wall had burned by then, so Gunderson dragged his prey next to the window. He wasn’t going to leave the room until it was absolutely necessary. The mercenary who had fallen into the flames earlier had fled towards the door, engulfed in fire. The boss had doubts about his survival. The other mercenary brought over the knife, whose edge was now red hot.
“Well, Miss Croft,” Gunderson added, “we’ll see if you fight so efficiently with just one eye...”
The merce
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 7 3
Chapter 8: Loanna Von Skopf
Lara stood still for a moment, considering her odds. Then she quickly turned, drew her weapons and fired at close range. Gunderson threw himself down and five of his men dodged the gunfire, then pounced to catch her. Seeing herself cornered, she jumped over them, flipped in the air, landed at the other side and darted towards the door.
“Follow her!” Yelled Gunderson, then talking into the walkie-talkie: “You on the other side: the woman runs in your direction!”
Lara sprinted down the hall as bullets passed next to her, hitting furniture, vases and mirrors. When she reached the spiral stairs, she stopped, panting, and heard another group of mercenaries pounding downstairs quickly, nearing her. Trapped again, but yet not defeated.
She went back and grabbed her machine gun, faced the group that pursued her, and fired. This time two fell. Taking advantage of their confusion, she jumped over the bodies and disappeared through another corridor.
“Sir!” Shou
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 7 1
Chapter 7: The Tapestry
Lara and Kurtis, dressed in tight black outfits, quietly formed their plan: it was vital to avoid any notice. During the day they had studied the castle’s security systems and found them lacking: the gates were protected by alarms, but not the windows. After all, who would be able to squeeze through such high and narrow windows?
Lara Croft could. She slipped quietly to the back of the castle at the foot of the cliff. Hidden among the bushes, she unhooked a grappling gun and shot a hook into the roof of the tower. The attached rope hung to the ground, where she then grabbed it and began to climb the length of the cliff to reach the base of the tower. When she reached it, she examined the windows nearest her and chose the wider one. She manoeuvred before it and tried to push it open. But the bars were shut tight. She’d have to break them.
She rocked back several times to build up speed before finally swinging towards the window full-force, legs straight out to kick it in. The
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 6 2
Chapter 6: The Romanian Professor
Despite what one might expect, Bran’s castle didn't look like a typical dark fortress a Nephilim or Count Dracula would hide in; instead it was an elegant summer palace, with white walls and red roofs. A unique monument that stood proudly on a rocky cliff, overlooking a view of Brasov which was considered the most beautiful city in Romania.
Professor Vladimir Ivanoff had spent so many years studying Bran and had become an expert on the subject. He felt attached to the castle to the point of considering tourists as invaders that threatened the royal monument's survival. In his concern he spent whole days there, instructing, counselling, and chiding guides and tourists, so much so that locals said the similarities between the Transylvanian count and the professor went beyond just the name.
That day a couple of tourists caught his attention: a man and a woman, foreigners no doubt. The woman, dressed in shorts and tank top, was a real beauty. Having a bandaged arm, she was holding th
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 5 11
Chapter 5: Karolis
Romania had plenty of castles, but only one was considered to be Dracula’s home. It was Bran’s castle, in the city of Brasov, near where the Carpathians and Transylvanian Alps met.
Lara and Kurtis had discussed how to get there. A journey across the continent was immediately rejected: it would've taken too long to cross Bulgaria and better to avoid the police if somebody recognized Lara. By plane there were scales and they didn’t trust the airline’s security, so finally they decided to go by ship, which took them from Istanbul to Constanța, from where they would travel to Bucharest before making their way to the Alps.
In order to go unnoticed, they dressed as a pair of tourist guides working at the Balkans. While they were walking along the deck, Lara was explaining to her partner: “The so-called Count Dracula is, in fact, just a myth. The writer Bram Stoker was inspired by a real, historic person: The Transylvanian prince Vlad III Tepes, also known a
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Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day by Alexis-Croft Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day :iconalexis-croft:Alexis-Croft 9 8 Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness by Ligufaca Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness :iconligufaca:Ligufaca 12 10
Chapter 4: Selma's Diary
When Lara woke up, her head hammered and her eyes were cloudy. She tried to sit up, but was too dizzy and fell back down onto something soft and pillow-like.
“Better you don’t move.” She heard Kurtis’ voice.
He was squatted in the corner of a tunnel. He'd lit a small bonfire and was cooking something that didn’t smell very good. She saw four shapes in the corner, resembling bodies. “You’re not cooking what I think you are, are you?” Lara whispered, putting her hands over her eyes.
“Manticore meat.” Kurtis confirmed. “The only antidote for its own poison.” He approached and offered her a piece of grey flesh. Lara felt sick. “I’m not eating that.” She said, stubborn. “I feel better now. I’m not going to die.”
“Maybe.” He said. “But you'll be blind in a couple of hours.”
Lara growled and put the meat into her mouth. Fortunately, despite its horrible appearanc
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 8 20
Chapter 3: Manticores
Cappadocia was a semi-arid region noted for its exceptionally beautiful rock formations. Lara didn't find a single soul in the wilderness - fortunately, she thought - and it took her little time to slip into the excavation and crawl through the tunnel. At the end lay the discovery.
The necropolis was structured in multiple continuous circular chambers, each chamber consisting of twenty bulbous stone niches housing a Nephilim. Selma’s team had undergone a careful drilling in order to see inside the "sarcophagus". Nothing like the bungling activities of the likes of Carter and Schliemann; archaeology was now more advanced. Lara, taking care to avoid touching them, looked into the holes and watched those creatures, lying in their final resting place.
The Nephili were tall and rather lanky, and their remains skeletons covered with strips of skin. Dead to be sure, and likely killed after being placed there. Lara figured it out while seeing an etched mark found in some skulls:
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Lara n Kurtis chibi by Alexis-Croft Lara n Kurtis chibi :iconalexis-croft:Alexis-Croft 9 4
Chapter 2: The Turkish Archaeologist
Turkey. The land caught between East and West. Its most beautiful city had changed name three times: from Byzantium to Constantinople, back to Byzantium, and now Istanbul. There stood Lara, trying to be inconspicuous among the crowd, and failing. She drew attention even among Western people, and was drawing double that here.
Veiled women dressed all in black stared unmercifully at the shameless Western woman walking around with her long dark braid and her athletic body. Reproachable behaviour in the eyes of these honourable mothers and wives. “She might not have a man to command and protect her,” whispered one.
“Ah!”  Sighed the other one. “Shame!”
Lara heard it and of course, also understood it. She turned towards them and flashed a carefree smile, all the while thinking: Old witches. The two ladies, scandalized by her attitude, spat on the ground in her way.
Truth be told, a part of the Turkish people had got tired of all the traditions. Some
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