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I'm not doing much
I don't update this thing very often, do I? Even when I do I change my stance/opinion/mind on the next reading and go and delete it.

I'll tell you what: as the single most opinionated person I know, I'm throwing the doors open. If you're passing by and feel like suggesting a topic, send me a note. If it piques my interest I'll have a rant about it. It doesn't matter about the subject; it could be culture, politics, world events, anything. I'm fairly confident I can blab on about most things.

So come on, challenge me!
Yeah so my hard drive packed in all of a sudden. Fine when I turned it off at night, fux0red when I turn it back on the next day, just like that. I hate technology. It always screws you over when you need it least. In my case I was just ready to publish a massive update on my website in anticipation of job interviews. It'll have to wait now. And I'm out of luck if a potential employer asks for a CD-ROM too.

So right now I'm using a HUGE 400Mb drive. Enough for a stripped down Win98 install with a few updates but that's about it (45.8Mb free as I write). I'd laugh at how we ever managed without huge hard drives if it wasn't for the annoyance of it all.
England? Champions?

It still strange in my head whenever I think that. For a nation who's teams always manage to never go quite far enough when it counts this is unbelievable.

I actually forgot to get up at eight in the morning to watch the match, but thanks to the extra, extra time I at least managed to catch that drop goal that everyone's going to be talking about, and I still got to see my side win.

It doesn't happen often, but today I'm genuinely proud to be English. What are the chances, do you think, of Wilkinson NOT getting Sports Personality of the Year this year? ;)
I have jury service next week, and boy am I annoyed.

Never mind that our water boiler is broken and the guy said the part would be here when I'm not there to let him in.

Never mind that I've got an eight week old kitten who has never been apart from people (I wanted to do it GRADUALLY, dammit), and who is going to freeze in our unheated house.

Never mind that the digital film festival I reserved my place at ages ago runs during my duty.

Never mind that it goes over my birthday.

No, the reason I'm annoyed is because now I have two whole weeks of lawyers trying to influence me about people and things that are nothing to do with me and I don't give a damn about. And I can't even tell anyone about it afterwards.

I hope I'm not picked.