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Compendium in Blue

By adasha
Another slice of 3D scopeness, not that you'd expect anything else from me ;) No seriously, I WILL learn dynamic movements... someday...

4 different scopes, of which the torus one seems to be the favourite. hope you like!

/edit: Nearly forgot, press I for a strobe like invert, or press O to toggle the background on/off. Some other keys are documented in the comment.
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you can simply use "equal(reg00,id)" instead of "if(equal(reg00,id),1,0)"
the if function in "if(something,1,0)" is generally useless.
... unless the "something" returns a value other than 1 and 0 and the difference between non-zero and 1 matters to you.
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did i see C++ in there .... well i'm probably wrong but there is another form of codeing in there.... it is good btw
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Mmm, nice one, i like what you did with the interference effect in here. My favourity scope setting would be the crystals and i like the torus also :nod:

But mouse control is totally useless in my opinion :|
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heh, yeah it is rather. I tend to put mouse control in for myself when I'm developing then just leave it in - it would probably be a bit less useless if AVS didn't quit fullscreen everytime the mouse button was pressed :doh:
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You know that mouse click 2 doesn't exit fullscreen :P
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i assume by mouse click 2 you mean the right button? yes that's true tho in window mode it brings up the preset list... and I've not once managed to get the middle button to work. I suppose I could make it check left AND right then its down to the user to remember which to use, hmmm...
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huh? bor(leftclick,rightclick) ;) Solves all your problems i think!
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ah, didn't know that one. cheers, tug!
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grat preset. hope someday y learn too use superscopes. y will learn it this year (hope so) but till then ill continue experimenting
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Really nice preset!! The 3d sscope is very very kool :) :star: even if should be more reactive. Anyway a good job! Compliments with u! :D
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