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Grown up I
It was late at night in Middleton and Kim Possible, the former teen hero, was studying in her room. She was finishing up with her work as she suddenly heard several knocks. Kim slowly got up, rubbing her nosebridge and she walked to the door. She opened the door and frowned when she saw nobody there. "Huh? I was certa--.." The knocking continued and made Kim turn around. She frowned and walked towards the window, where the knocking came from. "Who.." Suddenly lightning struck and Kim's eyes widened. It had been raining for quite some time now, but she did not pay any attention to anything else but her books. She quickly opened the window
XCOM - Retaliation
Nothing really changed in my thoughts, except for this: (Imagine the Council spoke person) Project XCOM wasn't able to completely destroy the alien threat. They had breached into Earth's government and brainwashed them to submit to their alien overlords. Commander, we need you to bring back the XCOM project....and start up our....Retaliation. What this is; is pretty cool. I had this idea of a bipedal Viper  that defected from the Alien armada and joined XCOM. The soldiers called him Raptor as an nickname, since his name was somewhat hard to pronounced: Tsylhalasth (Sill-a-lith). Also Dino-human hy
He Who Fights Monsters {XCom Viper TFTG}
            “Shh,” Captain Cori, or HH as he was code-named, said, leading the two ‘soldiers’ with him across the road, the trio crouching beneath the windows to a restaurant. He peeked through the glass, where inside two tiny aliens were being served by a no-doubt mind-controlled or terrified waiter. “There are definitely more of them, be on the lookout,” he said into his com-set. Affirmatives from his partner and the other group leader reached him that meant it was time to jump into action.            One of the soldiers with him rose up and smashed in the window while the second pulled a pin on one of
Xcom 2 Advent Attack 2
XCOM: Enemy Beyond: Prologue
The scout was small, a three-man craft. They were thrown out at likely locations by the hundreds, crewed by only the most common and least valued troops. The odds of one of them ever finding a viable target was near zero. Even a one in a million chance pays off sometimes. The scout was damaged by a chance encounter with a rogue asteroid, only reawakening when it was caught in the gravity well of a planet. It was too late for the grav-wave engines to activate, so the revived crew desperately tapped at unresponsive controls as they plummeted through the atmosphere towards the deserts of New Mexico. They did not survive the landing. Their las
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