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:iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS posted a status
"It's my job" The times when you just have to say it, cruelly and unemotionally my friends. 

You think it's get sometimes doing what you do, being around death like it's welcoming in a strange way. Its what you do, it's your life style. 

Today I had to respond to a message some one came and have us a message. My boss immediately jumps on the phone and tells us...."go over and find out if it's true!"

As told, I rush to grab my keys and drive out, it wasn't hard to find as I pulled nemi behind a cop car and walked to a scene of a dead family member. I get in contact with the head of the police department and medical crew and inform Them that I was only there for information for the immediate family. (she was my aunt)

Dealing with death, it's all apart of what I do. Though the first time I've ever been called to investigate for PROOF of death for a person before. 

As I told the cops, I was only there for information to relay to the Admin. The words I use so easily. "I'm just doing my job, and that's it."
I'm a Tribal Resource Trainee, not a death investigator. But I dealt it as my job, cruelly and unemotionally. I was only there to do my job then I left just as I told them. it wasn't some joke she was dead. Everybody around you crying and I'm just there because it was "my job."

I returned and admitted "it wasn't a if it will happen, it's a when." honestly if it was drug overdose, heart attack, alcohol poisoning or all of the above she could of been killed by her man. I wasn't there for the details.

The sad part out of this whole story besides me being a complete and total careless I had to prove it wasn't a joke. How fucked up is this world when I have to prove someone died. 

Whelp it's all apart of my Job I guess. 

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