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:iconadarkernemisis:AdarkerNEMISIS posted a status
Ok since my Email is getting blown up with a bunch of Tribal stuff im working on. all my "Taxidermy" Related emails are getting bumped down and its hard to organize. my phone only lets me view at about 75-100 emails or 3 months. so if you sent a email 3 months ago I wont beable to go back and view it since I get about 10 emails a day from tribal alone because I'm apart of two committees and work on SFH board.

So I went ahead and made a new email JUST and ONLY for taxidermy related work. you can get ahold of me here and I will have it available on my tablet. this way I can actually keep in contact with everybody here! Rather then 3 Mopar groups, Tribal BS and taxidermy on top of personal and yada yada. I am unsure if I'm going to make a new Paypal or not for work to keep track of that as well.

So here is the new email:

Remember you can still get ahold of me on Facebook as well.…

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