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scores and crashes

Journal Entry: Sat May 7, 2011, 8:51 PM




Stamp Bakuten Shoot Beyblade by Kris-AJ
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Raven Stamp by LlamaTHEDragon

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~M-M~ (i dislike DEATH NOTE but it dose not stop me form liking the characters)

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the most exsciting thing happened to me today. dont knwo why im even posting this its a pointless journal but now im so excited!!!!!!! :la:

this is my most fave song in the Tron Legacy soundtrack by daft punk. i love listening to this! i write a story that involves cars and vehicles,  I wanted to see in the eyes of not only the cars but the characters. And today while heading home with my parents sitting in the back of the car with my head phones on listening to this song I watched a cars with a interesting prospective as they entered on the free way next to us.  I just think in my head, “I would like to see the world in their eyes.”


Right in front of us I watched in slow motion a ford pickup truck quite “forward” coming out of the far left fast lane and headed right into ours, at first I think “what is this guy doing” but it didn’t take long at all for me to realize that this wasn’t what the guy was doing, when it started spinning completely out of control, my parents slammed on the breaks to avoid us running into him and him running into us,  I didn’t bother pulling off my head phones because quite honestly I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening.

I watched open mouthed as the truck swung around in front of us hitting right into a light pole, pieces just flew every where on the road when the pole just came crashing down. We where able to avoid being crushed by it but I actually didn’t notice  my eyes where just fixed on the white ford truck in front of us that hit into the side of the hill. Thinking that’s it I was even more awe stuck when the truck hadn’t stopped at all there it continued in a role after another in the ditch! I yelled “Oh my GOD!” I had never seen an accident in front of me in my life let alone being so close into it that we are avoiding it our selves.

My mom was in a panic I didn’t move my mouth was dropped wide open as my dad got out of the car and yelling at my mom to call 911. It must have been scary, the truck in front of us had been totaled. When a young man  came out of the truck and just walked around the mess hands gripping the back of his head. People came running up to him yelling if he was ok. All I wanted to do was just jump out of the car and just yell at him

I know car crashes are suppose to be sad and sickening but I never look at it that way. It was the most exciting thing I ever felt in the longest time. Not only did the guy spin out of control and make a few rounds on the freeway but he totally knocked out a light pole, hit the hill in full force, rolled over full back end right in the air land right side up and get out with a OHSHIT face on him. That was the most inspirational thing I had seen! More exciting and was totally a live action move right in front of my eyes. The song outlands was playing right at that last part when all this had happened.
My parents lectured me about it everything I already knew. They said it happed all too fast hard to take in but my eyes had seen everything, in a slow motion, I took everything in every detail.
Now all I can think is
I got to see a real live no intentional car crash in front of me.
i guess my wish at the end of the tunnle did come true!


I DO except payments, but please expect a payment plan. I know what it feels like wanting something but don’t have the money to pay for it fully. And quite honestly even when I do have the money to buy it out right I dislike to and still do payments so I don’t strain my bank. So I am expected to do the say for anyone.

I DO hold items, but for holds I need a down payment, I can not hold a item with out something in return by holding a item I could possibly lose some one who is willing to buy it as well. There for if you are serous please put a hold on a item only would cost about $25 towards your buy. If you do not put a paid hold on a items you can not expect me to still have it when you do have the money. You can also note me about it, I can not guarantee a hold at all, but I do like to try my best to tell people an item they want has some one else interested. There for you can choose to pass it up or put a full down.
This is in effect now, you can have the mount of $50 down payment towards a buy, but every month I need about the same price ($50) to keep payment on a item, you don’t have to pay $50 all at once you can send 20 here 20 there and than 10 or something like that. But every month for a payment I need the $50. You shall also know with out paying with in that time, I will note you, you have a week to pay it up. No pay will result in half a months payment returned and a fee for holding a item for a month. For example.
If you paid these amounts you get this much back
Paid $100 =75 back
Paid $75=50 back
Paid $50=25 back, ect.


CROSS FOX!: I have a nice large cross fox pelt, I will be plushing him, but first I would like to see if anybody is interested in him as a pelt.
Pelt price $175+ 8 shipping to your door any where with in the us.

Plush price is $300 shipped

Info on this cross,  huge AK cross fox, I do not have measurements I don’t bother measuring my pelts but he is a nice full complete cross fox one of the best iv come accost. He has fully furred ears no joke and a full tail with a nice white tip. And white toe tuffs on feet or white underside of feet. Paw pads not at all visible

he’s amazingly fluffy!
shades of fall by AdarkerNEMISIS                the crossing by AdarkerNEMISIS

I also have some other items for sale. This includes full pelts
But these are wall hangers only ( not taxidermy mountable) If you buy these please know that  they are under your risk if you try to mount them.

Cross fox has all paws claws bottom lip and all lips look to be there. Pea size hole in nose and has a ripped off ear. Shes a  little fox and great for a wall hanger. Mountable maybe just fix her ear, that’s the ONLY thing wrong with this pretty girl.
the sleeper by AdarkerNEMISIS    
Silver fox. Bad tann is all im going to say and I’m going to be truthful I tanned this guy when I was in school I don’t know what I did wrong but I surly SUCKED. Has all paws claws bottom lip lips split. Not at all mountable missing top of ear and again bad tann no slips rubs nothing pretty little fox.
(Info required for this fox.) $100 shipped to your door.

reinhurt by AdarkerNEMISIS

that’s all im going to be listing up for sale,  In a week I will get started on that cross fox, eye color ideas are always welcome but gold an blue sounds pretty cool……like my cross fox I got from LP.

Shipments went out  5/2/2011
:iconminotaur-queen: I sent you three boxes today 2 coyote and 2 foxes.
:iconnaturepunk: your coyote was shipped today priory mail

Shipments 5/3/2011
:iconminotaur-queen: the order forms I forgot them.
:iconshadyufo:  your skulls will be shipped
:iconfoxycreations: don’t forget I still have the silver 45% paid off just waiting on the rest will ship ASAP when I get the full amount.

Other news,

worth it by AdarkerNEMISIS
Next week, I am GOING to get my mustang running! Iv bee dreaming about and now I have the time and the money im not going to make her purrefct but I sure am going to try and make her purr……I would like to repaint her but that’s a good $15,000  to get her to the grey color I want and another 5000-7000 to get the qhost chains painted on as well. But for now iv just been wanting her to run so I can driver her around on the sunny days that’s starting to come up.

quite honestly I have a good life ahead of me and I want some fun, not only do I have a dodge challenger hemi NEMISIS I have my girl KAITOU that’s a 66 ford mustang. And I want to take her to hot august nights in Reno. I have the cars why not go! Its something iv been wanting to do for a long, long time.

Not only that but for awhile now I wanted to take my challenger out and see how fast I can go with him, the races would be cool so its my hopes to some day go to the race way and have some fun. But yet I want to do with friends but since I’m new here to Washington its so hard to make new ones…………when you have no actual life!

Other than that I don’t have any new news see I ramble too much!

Izaya stamp lol by OvanReed Izaya stamp lol by OvanReed

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Esaki Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That car story sounds like the time i watched a motorcycle crash right in front of my dad and i. As they were falling i said "OHSHIT" and then BAM. Smack into the pavement going a good 50-60 MPH...they were fine and dandy just a bit sore from bouncing off the tar. Dad got out to help and so did a few others i sat in the front seat like "O_O ~ WOW...COOL!"

Without a helmet and leather that guy woulda been ripped to shreds. It was scary...but it was cool as hell XD Needless to say, I WANT A BIKE SO BAD D:

I think crashes are pretty cool so long as everyone is ok....i suppose we have that in common :D lol
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
Man, that's just crazy (and wow, you had some epic music to go with it)...I've only seen a crash once and it's weird how everything can just move in slow-motion when it happens. I missed the initial impact though, and looked up right as the speeding car who ran a red light going at least 70 MPH hit the front end of a lady who was turning on to the highway (thankfully he hit the front of her and not her cab!), and simply stared as he did 3 rolls in at least 2 different lanes (thank God no one was in them!). But I remember it freaked me out. I had to pull over and was too shaky to drive for a little while. It's a bit hard for me to imagine being excited about it I guess...but man, that's crazy. Good thing no one was hurt though. Guess when inspiration strikes, IT STRIKES!
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ya this guy hit a little bit of water at 75 on the free way and even i know thats all it takes to lose control over your car. even though iv never been in an accident before or wrecked my car. iv driven off the road once for going around a turn too fast but thankfully that was mud.
i can understand the shaken up feelling, i think i would be shooken up too for some reason stop light accidents just scare me over freeways. something about they always seem to be worse when a fast car hits into one basicly stopped its known that its almost like hitting a brick wall.

but this was totally different. i didnt exspect the car to role, thats just what made me say oh my god. at first i thaught iwas just imagining this up but, after it set in i was just in awe that what had just happened right infornt of us. my parents picked up the peices and people had acutally picked up the light pole to move it off the road to think we where that close if the guy would have been one yard back from where he hit the water we would have all hit into each other.

i wasnt shaky for some reason i was so excited this had happened. to me it was almost unreal with the music and everything i guess it helped the guy was fine. probably a few bruises and he will be filling it later but after what had happened id expected him to not really be walking around as much as he was in a panic over his truck he will never drive again. it was gone. i feel bad for the truck but in a story im writing a character has almost the same truck. i feel as if i had just seen a live action part of my story. im still like :la: OMG!

i had drivin by more accidents in the amount of time iv been here in WA than i have seen in half a year in CA. the most traffic iv seen in CA was road work here in WA traffic......alright who crashed this time.

iv driven by a truck that had roled i missed the whole thing prably by a few hours but they where starting to load the truck it was almost sad because the whole cab was caved in. that one makes me wonder. i prey that i dont get in a collision........not in NEMISIS or KAITOU, though i wouldnt mind dieing in a car accident, exspecilly after it is nemisis or kaitou i would be hurt so bad to lose any of the two.

ANYWAYS i think i rambled way too much i will let you go!
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011
Ooohhh....hitting water that fast, no wonder he crashed! Puddles seriously can kill...that drag, man, you just hit it wrong and you're screwed. Lucky that things ended the way the did. But geeze, are people just that bad at driving up there or somethin'??
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ya you think people would know better i say rain is worse than snow because people just become cocky and think it wont do anything. you have to have common sence to drive in snow LOL. iv been lifted up by rain before in my jimmy but its easy to handle.......just take your foot off the gas and dont panic pretty soon you'll get traction back in the car.

hm i guess i never seen this meny accidents in such a short amount of time. or maybe im just weird but i have seen alot of crazy people do stupid stuff like drive uphill in the mudd because they missed the off ramp they wanted. JUST TAKE THE NEXT ONE DANM IT! LOL
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
Yeah, people don't realize what they're doing with rain sometimes. I know last time I was near my parent's place my bf was driving and the rain was so bad at one point that his car was hydroplaning on the highway when he was going 15 MPH under the speed limit as it was. People don't seem to understand that rain's dangerous. What sucks though is when you hit puddles. That's harder to avoid, and if you just hit it with one side of the car that can make you lose control all too easily (unless you were smart and slowed down). I've heard cars can flip from hitting a puddle too fast. At least snow, while it's harder to deal with, people realize it can be dangerous.

And oh wow, lol! Those people sound quite special....
FoxyCreations Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
I will send your payment this weekend :)
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ok, i'll keep a look out. when i get it will ship your foxy to you. i will love to see what you do with it!
FoxyCreations Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
thank you :) I cant wait to get it, I am unsure if its capable of mounting, but I would like to give it a chance. Also I need to get your eyes to you haha I keep forgetting to order the last pair that I need Ill do it this weekend as well, that way I can ship them all as soon as they come in
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
well its all there just slips, i think it would be fine just paint over the spots but i wouldnt bother with it if the face slips some more. you can use the feet for another fox and use it as pieces and parts. the back fur is just so nice, could make wonderuful crafts. i just dont do any of that stuff. i would use the feet of course but i would rather see what you do with it!

just haller at me when you send the money and your fox will be boxed and priorty mailed to your door, and dont worrie about eyes im not begging for them yet. i need to do my own ordering theres a few i need to get as well LOL.
FoxyCreations Featured By Owner May 6, 2011
Yeah I have had the faces slip pretty bad and been able to work around them, if worse comes to worse may just do like you said and use him as pieces, however more then likely if he doesnt mount up he will just retire as a wallhanger haha.
DutchessOfRoses Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Very tempted to buy that silver you did in school so he can join his sis but I would really like to get a plush with you so I think I will save for that.

Btw I think your new payment system is very fair and is greatly beneficial to the buyer and the seller ^.^
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
hahaha, its cool, its just i need to clean out my shed from all the furs im never going to use or cant use. i will have some nice silvers when you save up, i try my best to get some with full tails and nice bright tips but sometimes i dont get a choice and dont even see what kind of silver i get. but i think i might always have some silvers around. (one of my faves)

thanks im glad you think its ok, i dont want to seem pushy but at the same time i want to get into this the professional habbit plus it helps so much to make sure i dont wait months for one payment. or holding a item for a long time im abit tired of doing that personallyl.
DutchessOfRoses Featured By Owner May 3, 2011
Sounds awesome and I do understand completely, its like your spring cleaning XD or shedding XDDD bad pun. Well if you do get some silvers in that seem awesome or you think Ill have an interest in and can be plushed let me know ^.^ I have 120 saved right now so its very close to a down payment. I think you know what I like....Im so torn though part of me wants to wait till you get the pastels in to take a look but part of me wants a silver fox plush since they are the fox you know I first feel in love with >.<! Dolcepuuu what should I do??? < is shot for being annoying >

I do think its really professional and as a seller I dont think you should be made to wait long periods of time. and if per say someone wants you to hold it if someone during that time comes up with the money to buy it on the spot I wouldnt expect any thing less then the seller to sell it. So I think the put some money down so I reserve it and if you decide you dont want i I'm gonna take my cut is reasonible. But on the flip side it is nice to have some sort of a payment plan cause your doing a great thing and giving a lot of people there first shot at getting a pelt that they would have normally never been able to afford ^.^
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