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importent freezer question

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 27, 2010, 9:32 PM




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this is a real quick question, dose anybody i can trust have freezer space to spare? big enough for basicly six or more raw animals, 3-4 ranched foxes and 2-3 coyotes? i have some animals that i had already paid for but put them on hold due to me being gone for the winter and didnt trust shipping at this time. but i just found out i have less then two week to actualy get things shipped home but my parents flat out told me i can not skin or mount any animals at this time, and i didnt realize i had so much little time.

the people i had baught from dont or will not hold the pelts and are waiting to ship them, im thinking about having to be forced to ship them to a tannry but i personally wanted to prep and tan them my self but i wont beable to get them shipped back if i ship them from anyone till the end of feb maybe later.

would anybody be willing to help, trust me i will pay shipping and maybe ship something to you to keep in return.

Journal up date, tell me if you want me to have this a all taxidemry fur account and delete on my art and move some to my art account? details on the bottom!


I don’t need wishes granted it seems I got enough love already so please make someone elses wishes come true.

Wishlist grants

~DA sub on both my accounts form :iconwolfforce58: :iconphyrra: I love you two! :heart:

~A whole coyote from :iconwolfforce58: :love: you totally made my Christmas! I defiantly giving you something, so don’t think your not forgotten!

~Commissions! I love commissions I’m a com whore now! From :iconphyrra:

       :love:      :love: yes im being retarded!
Other commissions I got from last year my LOVELY SISTER bought for me of my character ~KANATO DOLSRIN~ i :heart: them all!
:thumb147311956:    :thumb151263180:
Kanato and Rei .  Comm. by seiikiru    *and for fun* skallet: Skallet Lin Roserei by AdoptaChirimo :lol:

I serousely wanted to show them off LOL


:iconphyrra: needs love, she gose off and grants peoples wishes and gives DA subs each year to as many people as she can, yet no one seems to go and return the favor or give her love. She REALLY NEEDS IT if anything at all. Trust me she dosent forget those who show her kindness!

I know……..for she is my sister!



:iconwolfforce58: still sketching out
:iconwhittykitty: sketched out/ drawn
:iconrurouna: sketched out ready for paint
:iconkyuukon-no-shamisen: sketched out
:iconkumlay: will be starting this week (need abit more ideas)
:iconforgottendemonshadow: will start this week still need abit of a idea

ALSO please note that I will be extremely busy from this point on. But I will definitely ship before I move. These things take time and I ran out of black paint. But I will continue to update you with the results. ALSO not all  the pictures will be in full color or in color. Some of them will work best as a black and white. But if I do yours in BLK-WHT I will add to help the picture better.


I still have two foxes left prices LOWERED

AK Cross fox cross fox for possible sale by AdarkerNEMISIS im keeping her i dont feel lowing her price to nothing will help her any for the fact some one would buy her just for a cheap buy. iv sorta decided that i would rather express my love and just plush her my self for keeps.

:iconwolfforce58: has a red fox for sale for $150 shipped, beautiful fox, she really wants to sell her fox and I would like to help her. So please do take a look at her fox!


I will probably be taking art off this account and having it a strict taxidermy so if you still want to watch me for art then you can watch my skallet * :iconskallet: * account this includes all requests will be closed on this account. All the painting or drawing I will be doing will be on the other account! So depending on the amount of people who would like me to keep art on this account will determine *not a lot* so it will most likely be I will delete all art but some on this account and only a few will be reposted on the other account.

All peoples request you better have them saved if you want to keep them because they will go down if I go through with this! Starting of next year I will be working on more taxidermy items and will soon open up if anybody wants anything done.

Ok im done!

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CreatureUndertaker Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
nnnn couldn't you like have them shipped buy dry ice and a cooler keep the pelts you still need to work in there flesh an salt them once by one then have them draining maybe outside where no water or such can get on them but hidden so your parents don't find out? then when they are dry just store them in a plastic tub with the lid open a tad bit for air circulation til your ready to tan?

btw. how big was your mule deer cape from taxi school?
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
nope, i couldnt do that, you see my parents keep track of mail that gets shipped to me. and they cut off the line that there will be no shipping/buying this month (jan) at all. and i told them i want to get that coyote skinned out before we move and i just about got yelled at because it would take too long and im stuck packing the whole house.

not only that, but it was fine and all early december when i paid for these foxes but i was waiting till after christmas to get them shipped because i wasnt taking chances at it getting lost/ruined in the mail. then on my birthday they cut the date. i do have one tanned coyote coming in the mail frozen, i dont give a shit about if they complain because its one i will be mounting.

needless to say even if i did say i baught them a month in advance, they will still throw them away like with alot of other taxidermyish stuff i had waiting to be tanned from school.

i cant wait to get my own place. oh the plastic tub wont work, we are sending everything in pods and my parents wont exsept that in there. thankfully i am taking my freezer so i hopefully have someone who is willing to get them shipped to them and i'll pick it up and place it in my freezer before my parents find out. im so bad but its shit like this that force me to do it.

hm, not very big, pretty but not big, i was ok with it to me size really didnt matter for my first deer mount. but i dont have mesurements on me they are at home.

thanks for the help though =)
Esaki Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awe wow that bites, i dont have a freezer to offer, so i am sorry :( i would of helped too. I hope you find a place for them to stay.
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
im probably shipping them to some one else who i can pick them up and put them in my freezer when my parents arnt looking. X)
Esaki Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol ah a sneaky operation! Good luck!
wolfforce58 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
....oh how many times I wish we kept our large freezer when we moved ten years ago...I would have loved to help...if my grandma would give me her freezer I'd say yes. But she changed her mind about that.
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
LOL i think i just might have them all shipped home put them all in a cooler when we move and take them with us. but again im not sure thats a good idea so again i might just end up shipping them to PLT or something.
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