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Last Call For the Auction!!!

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 10:21 PM

:new: Auction ending today at 10:00 in the Evening, Western Time.

Immediate payment is required the fallowing day!

I will begin Plushing them This week. I personally cant wait to see how these foxes turn out! If you win the bid to the Calico, you may have a choice of eye color as well as long as its not a custom order. Platinum eye color is set though!

I will ALSO post up some random things for sale as well just for Shits and Giggles.

auction will end Tuesday after noon!
both foxes have reached the value so what ever ending bid at the end of the auction gets it!

if you wish not to publicly bid, you can note me for my phone number! Those who bid will be updated if they get out bidded via Text message!

also I am out of state on business, I will be gone all day and night working on the policy in an eight hour long meeting not counting social after words! I will be checking out Monday! Will be home Tuesday end of auction!!!

also again! I have things in etsy and even some pelts that I can not work on due to issues for sale!  

ok I am doing this to help someone out!  I’m not going to say who, so please
don’t ask.

I’m putting up an auction!! I offer up the ONLY two available pelts this year, SOFTMOUNT ONLY!  Unless you want to buy the pelt at soft mount cost!  Auction is a weeklong! If the Bid is above the set price at the end of the Auction who ever offers the most gets it! If I don’t get the price desired I will not accept the low bids.

Money goes entirely to a friend! Who I agreed I would help out for two months! So I figured I could set two pretties that would interest people in hopes to raise enough money to help out!

 If you desire to bid on a fox please comment on the Deviations! do NOT note me! If you end up winning a bid, I do require FULL payment at the end of the auction, no payment plans. I don’t think I would be accepting payment plans anymore unless for the very rare and selective few!

:bulletyellow:First is a beautiful Platinum fox! Don’t worry tail will be reattached and you won’t be disappointed in this fat ass Pillow Pet!  I have plans to mount him with pale sky blue eyes! Not the bright ones don’t worry!!! He will be the ONLY platinum for sale this year, I am sad to let him go but I rather him go to good cause!

Red Platinum 01 by AdarkerNEMISIS

:bulletred:Second is a beautiful Calico fox, the only one available for sale this year!  While she may not have a full collar she is just breath taking! I have plans to mount her with Standard red fox eyes! she is the ONLY calico I will have for sale this year! Don't let her go!!!!
Cross white mark by AdarkerNEMISIS

Hope you all enjoy!

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Skin by Nesmaty (modified by AdarkerNEMISIS)
KiyiyaHowlingWolf Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
-cries- I can't afford pelts T_T I've been looking for a white wolf one but...nadda...I could only afford $100! and that's the asking rate of a local hunter to hunt, kill and skin/tan the hide for me v.v but wolves aren't in season and you have to be extremely careful up here to not kill a nursing mother x.x
ShadiSin Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Yaaaay foxes made it to their value!!

I've been eying up your shop, damn me for not having the money for Dodger. :(

I HOPE when I have my backpay, you'll have pretties available. cough.
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August 7, 2014


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