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Journal Update Important Information

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 12:41 PM




Stamp Bakuten Shoot Beyblade by Kris-AJ
beyblade stamp by sakura02
-Original Beyblade- by Nanabbi
Beyblade Stamp by tifenec


Raven Stamp by LlamaTHEDragon

Stamp: Zoids Blade Liger Run by KaelaCroftArt

~M-M~ (i dislike DEATH NOTE but it dose not stop me form liking the characters)

Mello's WTF face stamp by Okami-Moony
Mello Stamp by SitarPlayerIX
Mello stamp by Okami-Moony


Detective Conan Stamp by NotSoFluent
stamp: Detective Conan by Ammoona

Kaitou Stamp by MadejyalookGraphics

Dodge Challenger by AHMED-ART
charger monster by DeviantSith
stamp-Viper by MoroSaki
Mustang Stamp by SherlingtonDunnen
Cars are my life Stamp by FragmentChaos


The End. by The-Darkest-Scheme
The Game Stamp by 8liana8
Stamp: Conflict by Harumi-Chan

:bulletorange::bulletorange:Journal Update: Important:bulletorange::bulletorange:

OK, some things have come up that are making money very tight. No I did not buy a truck as I  had hoped for that wonderful day I decided I was going to go  for it my fucking Mustang  just got done and the bill was more than I wanted to pay.
The mustang is not the issue with the money either LOL. but for the first time in my life since i had it for years i can drive it................Guess who is going to be my daily driver!!!!!!

As I said most of the Money was going back into the fur market this year, well I can only put half the money into the market this year.

:bulletred::bulletred:To the market: :bulletred::bulletred:

Prices on ranched foxes have just jumped. I will try to get as much as I did last year but it isn't looking like I can save enough for that.  So I will not buy as much foxes. And I will save the cool ranched colors for later in the year.
With the market of silvers going up to the point they are not even worth buying I will no Invest in silvers.
I will be opening up commissions again, but understand after November I will be raising the prices due to the market shift.
Prices jumped to $75- $100 for the cool or uniquely marked foxes; So just silvers alone jumped that much, so soft mount silver foxes will range from the $525 all the way up to $650.

I will see about getting a few AK fox for plushies more than ranched.
So if you want something plushed on my gallery like white marks, marbles ect, then best do it before November when you are going to be looking at paying 100 more.  ALSO, I will charge 150 more on top of that for full collar white marks. If I even get any or any uniquely marked fox you're looking at paying more for.

Another thing you can do if you would like to just own the pelt of the fox or get a fox from the market. I will be willing to take payments on a fox.  Fox must be paid off by the time I put an order in for them.
Foxes for sale still consist
Silvers -400
White marks-375
Golden island 400
Calico……………DO NOT REQUEST FOR A "TRUE" CALICO you will not get one! 400
Red Marbles 400
Silver Marbles 400
ECT misc colors will most likely pop up .
Tanning is an additional $125 - $30 for fleshing the fox and shipping to WLG and the rest goes to tanning. Foxes usually are done within a month or two.  So it's pretty fast tanning!

First come First serve, those who pay the fox off first get the better one or get to pick out of what I will be able to get.  Fox will not be for sale as pelts after I pay for them unless I get one that fucks up at the tannery.
Terms of use, after you start making payments the order goes in, there will be NO REFUNDS; because I had just put an order on a reserve for the animal. I don't even know if Dave will be selling on TAX.NET because all the fox we pick as a preorder the rest get shipped overseas.  
ONE FOX PER PERSON: unless you pay off the first off with in the first payment I will allow you to put an order on another one and do payments.  I due Charge $50 per fox fee already in the price. This covers communication and the tannery order (I cannot put my time into this for free). Foxes will not be shipped raw.

I will have some premade softmounts up for sale. Some from my personal collection.

Natasha: the Golden Sunrise Fox =550  shipped
Random Natasha WIP by AdarkerNEMISIS
Natasha Love by AdarkerNEMISIS

Dynasty: The sunglow fox =750 shipped
I really don't want to let her go!
the dynasty's flower bed by AdarkerNEMISIS
Dynasty WIP by AdarkerNEMISIS
Derpy: a silver fox $400 OBO
$150 off things looks like crap. I love the pelt it was my fav pelt white foot and all. Turned into a crap mount. Thinking about demounting it and doing it again. If I do price will jump back up to $550.  I don't even know what the hell happened. Maybe this was the fox I threw accost the shop!

Isle: Dakota Gold Softmount:  $575
He's a pretty Fox!
around the lip line, there is a small issue nothing big only visible stitching that didn't get tucked in to the lip or when the skin shrank it popped out  that drives me up the wall!!!! Does not distract too much of the beauty of this fox! but because of the issue i will be willing to take a offer on this fox if interested.
Dakota by AdarkerNEMISIS

All pictured here: are what I have for softmounts that I can make. I need 50% down to start!  50% more for a rush order, or paid in full in cash.
ItsNOTartistic by AdarkerNEMISIS
Possibly a few more softmounts, Silver fox, White mark cross, blue fox.

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:OTHER SALE ITEMS!!! :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:
I also have the sale of misc forms and stuff.
WILL TRADE ONE OF THE LISTED RANCHED FOX SOFT MOUNT FOR A FULLY MOUNTABLE ALL WHITE ARCTIC WOLF!!!!! Must have a good face! No defects.… I've been wanting this wolf for a long time. And I know it's more than a plush so I could throw something nice too in the box like another pelt or if you choose one fox thats lower then the price by 200-300 dollars i will plush a fox of yours if you have one that is fully mountable. …….or something.
sujustions are very welcome!

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  • Reading: Romanically Apocalyptic ....LOVE IT
  • Watching: the days go by
  • Drinking: coffee
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galitb Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
Nemi that background is so distracting xddd.

So what I understood (need to work more on my Enlish) is that, silvers will be more expensive for reasons nobody can control (stupid market T_T D: ) and that if I want to buy a pelt from you is the price of the fox plus the price of the skinning and tanning?
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
im sorry, in honesty i dont even see it the back ground on my computer is black! :noes:

yes, the price of Silvers AND reds went up due to the Chinese market buying them out, and because the demand for silvers went up so did the price and they are willing to pay, and the cost of grain went up too which put the price of foxes up another 20, so now with silvers last year at 300 RAW, now they are up to 350 raw, that does not count for the price of tanning and fleshing for the fox.

so if you wanted to get a fox say a silver white mark @ $325 (i would have to ask again), but the price for fleshing the fox would be around 25-30 and tanning the fox 75-100 i dont know if tanning prices went up this year too. i know shelby bumped hers up. so your looking to spend around 475-500 for just a tanned pelt. =/
galitb Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
WHATTTTTT!?!?!?...... O_O. Man I remember when a mountable prepared silver was 200.00$ how this changed so fast!?!?! And Reds too?!?! O_______O (and I though they were the common ones, how can they be more expensive!?!?)Dammm I knew I had to buy something from you the first day I discovered your DA. T_T

I know is not your fault and actually nobody's fault but over 400$ for just a tanned pelt is wayyyy to much for a average person >.<, I think that's more than half of my salary every month lol. Wao things are getting complicated for you :(, wish you a lot of luck in your future sellings... but you are very talented so I'm sure you will still have your buyers xd

And what about crosses? you are not getting any this year?
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
no kidding, its getting worse every year. people think they realy can get a silver for that much because some else did 2 years ago. dont worry i got a platinum fox tanned the year before this last year for 300 100% mountable.

Some other Plushidermist and i have been talking and we believe this year might be the year that breaks the pricing of soft mounts. people dont want to pay 800 for a softmount and dont believe the money and time put into them. its like the straw the breaks the cammles back. as far as i know, our breeder what we dont get from him this year hes shipping them all over seas. there are supost to be remarkable fox this year from what hes told us. But for the real nice ones hes charging more for. so like full calicos, full collar white marks everything like that hes going to jack the price up. i think i can only get $6,000 of his stuff this year if im lucky! which is like 15- im thinking of not getting the tanning done because i can do that my self but i might have him salt them for me. wich is like 30ish maybe less. but last year i think i put 12,000 in his stock and some other ranchers stock last year. im going to try!!!!

And thanks,
i have a breeder i buy crosses from, they are abit cheaper, i dont think theres a market for them right now so its going to be hard to get them. i have a white mark cross plushed right now i might list her for sale.
galitb Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
Damm 800$ for a soft mount?!?!? that's just crazy. I'm pretty new at this and I'm just a collector but I have learned enough to know those prices have a reason why are they so high and I totally understand your point.. (this doesn't include the scammers that are all over DA or xd). I'm so sad mostly for all you plushiers or taxidermists around here that this could be like a punch in the face and for the clients too.

Oh Nemi, even when the prices are to far from my reach I will still watch your work
Muddy-Coyote Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hey Nemi, would you accept payments on 'Derpy? I love the coloring of that guy, and I've been wanting a softmounted silver too x3
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
yes of course i do =)
Muddy-Coyote Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Then I shall take him!! :3 How much of a downpayment will you require? I get paid tomorrow, and I should be able to put some down on him.
PersianButterfly Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Do you have pictures of the calico?
AdarkerNEMISIS Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
pictures only will be avabliable in november on any fox from this up coming market. why you really dont get very much of a choice what you are getting. its the luck of the draw. if your asking about getting a calico from the up coming market.

[link] this gives you an idea. i am not taking requests for cross loking ones and i dont really have any at the moment =(
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