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the story of two guns by AdarkerNEMISIS the story of two guns by AdarkerNEMISIS
The story of two guns ~Gun control 

I rarely post art or do something like this but I thought I,would share this since this is my most active account. I wouldn't mode your thoughts. 

Got in a spat with someone about gun control the difference between how guns are for protection. In the end a funny yet sad little short story birthed out of it that is now one of Kanatos favorite to tell. 

Two men and two guns: 

There were two men each one packing their own weapon of choice. Each one held a gun but each to their own. 

One man preached greatly about how guns are there for protection. He preached on day and night about safe handling, proper control and paranoia that the government was taking everything away. His favorite story to tell was about how more people are saved by these objects than killed.

While on the other hand the other man threatened behind closed doors that he was packing and He wasn't afraid to use them on anybody who got in their way. 

When the day had come for both men, one set on a bloody ramage, the other rather than grab his gun and try and stop the other; pulled out his cell phone and called the cops. 

Moments after the cops arrived and arrested the man. In the mess 4 people lay dead, a mother protecting her newborn, a single father of 4, a newly married woman and a well liked man ready to leave on a trip for his birthday. Two lay wounded one barely alive. 

A years passing and the man continued to preach about how guns were for protecting not killing. When finally the families asked him where were his guns when the shooting happened. He replied simply.

"In my truck."

When the family asked him why didn't he try and save everybody with these guns he preached about being for protection. He replied: 

"What's the point, by the time I loaded them and ran in the building and shot the shooter 5 people would be dead. My guns are to protect people not to kill them." 

In the end he did save a single persons life by simply choosing not to end it. Thus allowing the death of others to save one. 
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