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Nibs by AdarkerNEMISIS Nibs by AdarkerNEMISIS
Nibiru or Nibs for short. my new car........kind of in place for NEMISIS.

I got the confirmation for Nemisis and even though the front end damage wasn't "bad" He exceeded the cost to fix it vrs totaling him out. In other words the value of Nemisis was only at 12 Thousand dollars and repairs pretty much boarded that line and they sought fit to total him out.

So in the mean time I decided to get another little car to toat me around since I cant keep driving the truck. Its used but its a Dodge and its a Nemi Grey.........cute little thing. something I find myself getting a speeding ticket in LOL.

In the mean time, I was buying a 2015 Dodge challenger ScatPac, that was my secret but the moment I got up to 5 thousand in sale for a down payment a friend of mine bought the car and im abit..............OVERLY upset over it because I literally felt that was NEMISIS all over again. however she suggested that I could custom order one and have him made for ONLY me. so after the end of this  year im going to go ahead and do that. so in my case instead of a Automatic I can get a Standard stick.

of course in this formal time, I'm driving Nibs around who I named after the coy dog, because its a cute little domestic car but seems to have the mix of a Wild (speedy sporty thing) so its like a Hybrid..........that's cool and doesn't cost me 50K like the scatpac challenger I'm going to get next year.  I just didn't feel like exceeding over my limit during the move to the house and holidays. (I get my new keys on Tuesday)

in the mean time, when it comes to NEMISIS, I still feel this isn't the end and I'm going to do what I can. but its not looking good!
AtFirstPlush Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Professional General Artist
... just because the ins(?) co. tells you to total out Nem-the car, doesn't mean you HAVE to take/accept the check -or DO everything they tell you to. As you said, the damage didn't disable the car, it was mostly cosmetic for the most part with the exception of the passenger door and the damage should NOT have exceeded the cost of his current value... that is, in my opinion. I am pretty sure your not telling us everything or your missing some facts here... In short, your royally being ripped off!! Are you talking about doing a salvage title on Nem after the 'totaling out?' Talk about lessening the value! He as a show car, right? I'm not sure I understand what's going on, except for the fact that your gonna scrap Nem for a new pretty shiny?
I took my 1992 over a 15 foot cliff embankment and suffered full exhaust damage including the converter with front end damage. The cost/check I ACCEPTED to fix was $1,200 - THEY wanted to total my car out because THEIR TOTAL to fix was about 3K. Again, everything Toyota parts. But I was able to talk to the adjuster and make a compromise so I could fix and KEEP my car. We came to an agreement on my damages to just under the 'totaling it out' cost of $1,324. Sooooo I could fix my car and keep it legal too. That was just to fix the damages - not the all inclusive new bumper, lights and paint job. ((Which I could easily get done for far cheaper and just as perfect by a non-Toyota shop)). My car was also totally looked over to make sure the roll bar and structure was sound. I skipped the factory paint job, and replaced the damaged lights with Toyota after market, dad and I banged out a few small bumper dings, and I worked on the bumper cover myself and put it back on, almost 90% fixing or buffing out all the scratches and paint. To me, My car is completely irreplaceable. Sure I would have liked new this and new that, would have loved a big fat check -  but no amount of money would make me get a new or newer car to replace a car that I've had, trusted and loved for over 19 years. It's not just some object for the scarp heap in exchange for cash to me~

Your beloved car has suffered, but shouldn't be 'legally' scrapped. That sounds absurd. That is....unless you wanna legally scrap him, collect the cash and move on to new and possibly better car... ;)
HumorousTrixx Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He is a cute little thing. :)
I hope you are able to get everything figured out with Nemisis.
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