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My face after death by AdarkerNEMISIS My face after death by AdarkerNEMISIS
I always hear how Disgusting being a taxidermist is. Honestly I never thought of why it was nasty or disgusting. Simply because I can only imagine they are talking about the person not nessisarly the animal its self. You also hear the daunting question, "how do you know how it feels" Simply once your gone, your gone. Your soul is free from your body. I don't quite understand why it would be so important to know how the animal feels about being taxidermied. when your dead, does It matter what happens to your body? We as a species are probably the only ones that seem to care! honestly I wouldn't care! what would my family do, burn me, let me rot underground send me to be cut up and donated around the world? That wasn't even on my list of fucks to give when I was being gunned down.

another funny thing is, people associate Native Americans to being OK with owning skins. "They respect the animals and use them." Cant a normal person respect an animal just as much, and determining the USE of an animal goes many ways. Is USING the skin for clothing, for taxidermy, for Anything a use at its disrespect. the same way a native American uses a skin for clothing, headdresses, decoration on a wall is Respectful.

What would be the proper way to Use the body of an animal? what is disrespectful, to preserve it or to let it disappear in this earth. It always seems to be that people only care about something when they are gone never when they are alive. Funny part is, you will never even know when an animal is born or dies.

Why does being dead simply mean its disgusting, why would associate dead with being ugly and nasty. would your family look down on your body your lifeless eyes and just go EW Disgusting. would you find fido disgusting before you drop his body in a hole or toss him in a fire.
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Akeleu-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmmm hmmm :) I totally agree with everything you say here.

I guess the main reason why so many people see taxidermy as gross is because a lot of the time the rest of the animal goes to waste particularly with animals like foxes where the meat probably doesn't taste too good (well that is my assumption anyways XD!)
So long as the rest of the animal is used I'm happy :) (like maybe the meat could be used to feed pets and maybe do something nifty with the bones :D

On another note this fox is gorgeous :3 ...and hey! I'm sure his spirit doesn't mind one bit that he will be cherished forever ^.^!
Lyrak Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
I swear people just make shit up about Native Americans most of the time. There are some who respect pelts, sure, just like there are people of other races who do. And there are those who don't give any shits about them. My favorite BS legend is one from a wolf book my sister got me purely for the photos (and believe me the photos are the only thing of value because hoooolllllyyyy crap - I wonder if it burns Monty Sloan's ass how much this dude jacked up the captions on his photos, especially since Monty knows every one of those wolves and the author friggin captions the pack's alpha male as a "low ranking female") that claims the Lakota believed any gun that shot a wolf would never shoot straight again. I showed this to my boyfriend, whose response was "so where the f$@# do they think we got the pelts from?" Like people seem to think those headdresses came from people like, waiting for those animals to die on their own or something. *facepalm*

Like, people are less weirded out by my fur items when they find out my boyfriend is Lakota. Like that magically makes it more okay than the fact that I have my own spiritual feelings about them that are totally separate from his.
BlakKatKreations Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014   Artisan Crafter
When people think about "Native American"they still see a "primitive" or "backward"culture running around living in tents and killing with bows and arrows. Its how modern society is raised to envision the "Native American". A loin cloth wearing, bare chested man with face paint and a feathered war bonnet.. media educates us with a stereotype forged from ignorance. 
So people accept Native Americans owning pelts, in part because the "spirituality" has become almost a fantasy media manipulated selling point but also because in part people perceive ( usually on a sub conscious level ) that they are a primitive people who still live on hunting with bows and dancing round bon fires in little smoke tanned loin cloths.

Fact is, people do not understand the Native American people, there is very rarely actual -respect- given to them. Respect for the people, their actual beliefs and an understanding and appreciation for their spirituality. They have simply been taught or told that "its ok" for them to wear/ use/ own animal skins.
That same ignorance and misunderstanding of the why behind the spirituality, means that people cannot accept and appreciate that -other- people might have the same respect for animals as the Native american people have.
If you do not understand and -truly- respect the reasons behind why one people, religion or culture appreciate and use skins ..then you can never understand or respect why any one else might also have the same needs or use for the very same item. 
Its easier to think "respect"for an animal means burying or hiding it under ground where we cant see it.. rather than carrying it with us to be revered, respected, loved and cherished.

We as a species have become blind, seeing only what we are told is "right" or "wrong" and rarely willing to actually see beyond that. 
Meat is murder, fur is evil. death is ugly
We are told what to think and so many have become sheep to the information we are fed. Its a sad dilemma we are facing when we are taught to shun the natural world in preference to the artificial culture grown in a lab.
Meat grown in a petri dish so an animal didnt die... ignoring the fact it is more -natural- to eat meat than to grow some throbbing tissue in a dish ( an option I find more disturbing than knowing my dinner had a face of its own not so long ago )
themedievalwolf Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful and I applaude your words! :highfive:
Queen-Bea Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Omg yes i agree with your whole description.
I've only met one rude person irl when having my fox out, they said subtle passive agressive things like
"Oh she would have been so pretty."
"Do you have stuffed people at your house too?"
and i was really annoyed but kept calm with them.

I thought people were only that rude on the internet smh.
Lyrak Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014   Traditional Artist
"Do you have stuffed people at your house too?" No, I can go check out Bodyworks for that next time they're in town. I hear it's really neat.

Or the natural history museum to check out the bones of my ancestors.

People seem to forget that we do, in fact, preserve human remains for display as well.
Candid-Plush Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Beautiful fox and very good description.
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