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L0ck D0wn by AdarkerNEMISIS L0ck D0wn by AdarkerNEMISIS
The reason why I am still willing to fight to live, simply because I promised if we were to die, we die together!

NEMISIS, I don't like leaving the cars while I'm away for a certain amount of time. so they usually get stored away at friends houses since last years Theft Scare. This particular place is a friend of mine who is a professional detailer, well we have a rather important date coming up with a very important car show and being a core member I have to be representing at our finest. So Nemi is getting a bath of a life time. Picture was not taken by me but a friend of mine working on him. He should be ready for pick up tomorrow! I'm sure He's never been so clean in his life and its going to take me less than two days to dirty him!

Never realized just how much NEMISIS has a nice Ass! I plan later on getting a emblem put between the taillights that say NEMISIS I am also changing the License plate, of course all of this has got to get done after I replace the front end. after the front end gets replaced and he gets repainted, we will be installing the lights in the engine, front end and under the car and inside the car. all of this has got to get done before February of next year, he will be allegeable for Professional indoor car shows!
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I know right! I was sent that picture and I'm like HOT DAMN DAT ASS!!!!!
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