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Dolsrin lesson 38 by AdarkerNEMISIS Dolsrin lesson 38 by AdarkerNEMISIS
.......USE bigger straps.

No cars were harmed during this event. I think The plants will survive. I got quite a laugh at it myself. Like getting a car to jump when not in was one of those moments.

What you get when you are manning 5 cars by your self and 2 of them don't run. I needed to move the vette to get to the lower garage since the upper garage flooded. Well I strapped the damn thing to the truck and pulled it up the hill......well the straps snapped and I considered jumping out of the truck to try and save it. But it was save the corvette or truck. I don't know about you but I been nearly ran over by a 71 challenger I can't imagine being squished by a F350 ford!  So I sat back and watched it roll down the hill almost in amousement as it went up and over the border into the planter. 

The car stopped just at one inch from the balcony so everything was totally ok. I went down the hill into town and got some pigger straps and now the vette rests in a garage for the first time in several years......well for two weeks before being thrown in a pasture. 

This would never happen if I had someone in the car to apply the break. Guess the joys of living with two dogs who sat and watched the whole show. The old man is probably wanting to slap me or pat me on the back for fixing my faults. But for now he's probably up there claiming he's not my father. 
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October 11, 2015
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