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No sexual things please
Also to let u know I don't really have an art style so your drawing may seem diffrent
Im only going to choose 5 people

1.) What was the best day of your life?

Being born

2.) If you had all the money of the world, what would you think that would use it all up in one(or two) buy?

Buy a pursuit and animation kits

3.) Do you have any siblings? If so, are you the youngest, in the middle, or oldest? And how many?

I have 2 older brothers

4.) What's the saddest thing you've seen in your lifetime?

My parents arguing

5.) Who's your favorite artist and animator?

Blustreakgirl, g.reald, sleepyking

6.) What do you believe to be your spirit animal?

A dog

7.) If you were trapped in a room alone with anyone, who would it be?

My enemies so that way when I'm starving I have an excuse to kill them

8.) Take a moment to think about the worst time you've been mistreated in school. Now tell what it was like.

When my bully shoved my face into his butt and pretended to fart AMD when I told the principal assistance, she said stop getting kids into trouble... I was very depressed

9.) What's the best way to eat Twix? Right or left?

Eat both at the same time

10.) Who is the first person you've met on the internet?


11.) Choose between Hawaii or Bahamas.


12.) Was this quiz hard?


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1. What is your least favorite character of yours to draw?

Copy cat

2. Which do you hate more? Haters or rude constructive criticism?

I hate everything equally

3. What is one of the strangest comments you've ever gotten?


4. What is your favorite comic series and who's it by?

Fnaf sl and Fnaf 6 comics by blustreakgirl

5. How many icons on DA have you had?

Like about....3?

6. Girls, what is the shortest your hair as ever been? Guys, what's the longest your hair as ever been?

It was like up to my neck

7. Have you ever been kissed by the opposite sex? (Not counting family.)

No ;-;

8. If you have a fursona, why did you chose that kind of animal? 

Because I like dogs, cats and goats

9. Worst injury you've had so far?

Having a giant splinter in my nail

10. What is the biggest crime you've gotten away with? (Shh, we won't tell anyone.)

Eating all my brothers Halloween candy

11. Favorite fandom?

Popee the poformer, Fnaf, blustreakgirl, furry

12. Do you know what I'll do to you if you tag me back?

Puppeteer is not kids friendly, he can get easily irritated and mad, he doesn't like it when people are way to close to him or pulling his tail since his tail can pop right off and he haves to sew it back again.
If he stabs u with his claws then he can turn u into a helpless small puppet for the rest of your life, but he can turn u back to normal.
He use to have a boyfriend but he die from cancer ;-;.
Puppeteer is very active mostly at night since he doesn't like it when light goes into his FUCKING eye and blinding him ( it happens to me alot)
He likes to make puppets and will sell them online,
He likes to eat sweets such as tigerpops, icecream, ect.
I got bored so I decide to tell u guy a little about my oc, darkdeam.

My oc is 13 years old and have a hyper behaviour,  she lives in a house with her sons, kirito and dark hunter, and her gf , mai the wolf.

She loves to destroy things and loves to draw.

She is half dog, half cat, and half goat.

Her real name is meghan Elizabeth darkdeam, its the same as mine but I just change the last name.

She haves another form, puppeteer. The form can be release by anger or depression, or if she wanted it to be realease.

Like my family she haves two older brothers, a dog, and a father that likes to work out and a mother that just want to relax.

The eye that is black with the white dot was not a birth mark, it was when the puppeteer spirit first posesed my oc body when my oc was 3 years old. When my parent heard about this they had to give me to devil goat since they don't know how to teach me to control my new powers.

My oc went through alto of phases through out my year, first my oc was a goat, then it turned into a tiger, then it was one of my favriote sonic caritors, dark tails, then I made a werewolf oc, then a blue dog, cat, goat, then a human with animal ears and tail, then I just went back to my blue dog and change the colors but not the clothing.

My oc suffers a few disorders that I might took from my father, one of them is that u forget what is real or just a dream.