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My trainer is an idiot - cover

Hello everyone!^^

Here's the cover page of my little pokémon comic. It consists of 4 different stories. Follow the links below to read them!

Story A: the newbie and his Fennekin: My Trainer is an Idiot: A-1
Story B: the adventurer and her Luxio: My Trainer is an Idiot: B-1
Story C: the pro and her misadventures: My Trainer is an Idiot: C-1
Story D: the champion and his girls team: My Trainer is an Idiot: D-1

If you want, I also post this comic on my Tumblr:

by the way, I apologise for the mistakes. I'm not a native English speaker and it's not always easy to find someone who can correct my textes. Feel free to tell me if you don't understand a phrase or if a typo hurts your eyes!^^ It'd be truly appreciated!
Also, even though it's a sfw comic now, it could have some mature content in the future. Nothing extreme, but I still want to be able to put whatever I want in my work!^^

Have a nice day!^^
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I really like your comic. Gave me the giggles :D

Black-ADD-White's avatar
woops, forgot to fav this.
Adanel's avatar
Aww!^^ Don't worry! I oblige no one to fav my stuff, of course! =)
Thank you a lot!!!!^^
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I must say this comic is amazing. Interesting choice of splitting it into four stories.
You said it's soon going to go AB, didn't you? Awesome.
Adanel's avatar
Thank you very much for your nice compliment!!! ^////^ I'm so happy you like it!!^^
At first it was supposed to be only one story, so I'm glad adding the three others pleases people, in spite of my slow drawing pace... XD
Yep, it'll be AB very soon!^^ And that'll make the story move faster! XD

And thank you for the fav, btw!!
LuckyBlackbird's avatar
You're welcome. I like the fact that you try to respond to every comment.
Adanel's avatar
Aww!^^ I'm doing my best, even though I often don't have much time to answer quickly! =)
IMyPHPMe's avatar
you know your title should be "Everyone's an idiot" from what I've seen in your comic XD
because pretty much everyone's an idiot X)
Adanel's avatar
Haha! XD Yes, quite!^^
There are still some pokémon who are a tiny bit brighter. Which makes more sense since they're the majority of the cast... XD

Guess that stupid characters are easier to deal with! If their intelligence was out of reach for my own level, I wouldn't be able to write them correctly! XD
IMyPHPMe's avatar
PantherKing239's avatar
I've taken some glimpses of your work, and I have to say, everything you do is truly a work of art! Not only are your artwork and colors beautiful, but your storytelling and characters are so charming, humorous and heartwarming that I am simply astounded and speechless! Never before have I seen something so creative, cute, funny or touching in a long time! You are a phenomenal artist and storyteller, and you always will be. ^^

Keep up the awesome work, my friend. You deserve all the recognition you get. :)
Adanel's avatar
Oh, dear! You're so kind!!! Thank you a lot for all these awesome compliments!!! >////<
I don't know what to say... I'll do my best to carry on this way!! *-*
Thank you again and again, friend!!!!!:excited: :excited: :excited: 
PantherKing239's avatar
It's my pleasure, old chap! :D
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
Love the name XD
Adanel's avatar
Thanks!! XD Glad you like it!
JC-Solis01's avatar
I hope to read all of these. The first comic of yours that i saw got me good. :D
Adanel's avatar
Aww, you're so kind!! *-* Thank you!^^ I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you'll like the other ones too!
Panda196's avatar
If he's an idiot, then he's going to evolve male Raltses into traps
Cinna-Cat's avatar
I read all of your stories, this was hilarious =p
Please draw more!
Adanel's avatar
Aww!!^^ Thank you a thousand time!! You're very supportive!!!
Of course I'll draw more! ;)
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