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My Trainer is an Idiot: D-40

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But what kind of person would take SO long to read their mail? Haha... *sobs*

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Avalugg is sweet as always.

kyley175's avatar

I would. I still have a combined total of 1000 unread emails on my 2 Gmail accounts.

Kiritost's avatar

cool! another great page! glad to see you back!

Luckysweep's avatar

If he does end up going with being a gym leader, this battle would be good for learning the right mindset that a good gym leader needs!

Fishthemudkip's avatar

Awesome work adanel you're art keeps getting better ^^

Adanel's avatar

Aww, thank you so much!! ^^ You're very kind!!

VarrhokTG's avatar

Yay! More of these :3

TheNuzlockeDuo's avatar

Speaking of not reading mail: I sent you notes, you should check them 😂

(I'm totally just messing with you: I know things can get crazy busy and life has a lot to juggle so please don't think I'm being rude or anything!!)

in all seriousness, I really like this interesting display of a league winner & how they’re not necessarily expecting to be recognized and being hounded By trainers who are diehard league fans. It’s just different than what I used to and I really like it! I have never cared for Avalugg but this comic made me find it cute :3

Great work as usual!!!

jewelswirlix's avatar

You can actually ignore your success when you ignore your mail lol

SonicbolttheLatios's avatar

"But that's not what I'll tell my friends!"

Lol so true

Adanel's avatar
StringPetounPing's avatar

Well, he should finish to read the mail. There is maybe something important.

Richtofen1265's avatar

in my case it would disappear before i had the chance to read it

MrETheComic's avatar


More than you think

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