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My Trainer is an Idiot: D-2


And your rear legs? Are they here only as a decoration?

Extract from my Tumblr:
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Hands. Hands down the most useful appendages.

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They spent most of the time outside battling and winning gym badges, they rarely had quiet time at home! X)
Aaand he's an oblivious dude who focused more on his goal than on caring about his friends in more detail! ^^'
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Poor girl...*hugs her*
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Beedrill might not be very used to hugs but I'm sure she'd appreciate! =')

(Beedrill: Yes I do! Cry emote )
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Great to hear it!  *snuggles her gently*
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The beedrill is adorable. I would like to see more of her.

That is all.
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Haha, glad you like her! =) Duly noted! ^^ Since she's kinda the "main" pokémon of this team, she will appear more! =)
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Neat. Beedrill has become quite a favorite of mine recently, so much so that I have included one as a main character in as of yet unreleased PMD fanfiction.

Quite a feat of making beedrill adorable. So perhaps I may too be able to include such a character. I will be watching this comic closely.

Keep it up.
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Ooh, nice! =D It's good to know that this pokémon can be some people's fav!^^

Beedrill was used so often in the show as an aggressive mindless pokémon that people forgot how adorable it can be. =)

I'll do my best!!! =)
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Poor beedrill. Still, beedrill could always try sculpting.
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Good plan! The result would be quite interesting! XD
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Red eyes, sharp stingers.
Don't you see, man?!
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He's not bright enough to see the obviousness! XD
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He should at least try to stay in shape.
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I hope he won't become lazy like the girl drawing him! XD
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I love this beedrill already
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Huu, thanks!
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