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My Trainer is an Idiot: C-40

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I know the feeling, Meganium...
(Dunno if the plants appreciate to be woken up by some dude who thinks they're dead.)

Extract from my Tumblr:
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PantherKing239's avatar

Meganium is one of my favorites. ^^

Adanel's avatar

Yay!^^ I love it too!!

Nice new profile pic, btw!

PokeRouge's avatar

Haha, it seems that Meganium is not willing to accept a plant's life cycle yet. :XD: On a related note, I wonder if Meganium will have to cope with its flower 'wilting' along with other effects from colder weather...

Adanel's avatar

Haha! Indeed! XD Autumn isn't for everyone...

I don't know if grass-types are physically affected by seasons (apart from the Sawsbuck line), I suppose it's up to everyone! But if they do, this Meganium would certainly not like it very much! X)

Fishthemudkip's avatar

Awesome job adanel^^

I'm really excited for autumn

Adanel's avatar

Aww, thank you so much!!^^

At least someone is! X) Personally I'm excited for Summer to come back! XD

Black-ADD-White's avatar

meanwhile in tropical countries that just rains and shines like the one I live. Unless plants aren't in rural parts (where the ground is always moist) or aren't get watered by the rain or people, they never die!!! >XD

Adanel's avatar

Oh, what I would give to live in such a place! *-* Who cares about cold, grey autumn when you can have summer forever!

Black-ADD-White's avatar

too bad for the plants though cause they'll never rest, a price to pay for immortality XD.

I have a question though. Does your country have 4 seasons? how does your farms grow crops on unbearable seasons like fall and winter?

Just curious since here our crops grow all year long. Can't imagine what's like having 4 season.

Adanel's avatar

I dunno how they feel, but in a way we "never" rest too (I mean, yeah, we sleep at night but don't hibernate. Just like these plants, I guess). Hopefully these plants are happy with it! XD

Yes, it does! ^^ As for the farms, if we exclude the modern stuff (importation, greenhouses, ...), I've always wondered. I think there are some veggies that grow in winter, like cabbages. Otherwise, I think people used to use their food stocks, maybe. Also, peasants in my region used to work less in winter, only repairing equipment and not burning too much energy. They weren't crazy workaholics like now! ^^' I'll do some researches, though!

It must be great to live in a place where summer lasts forever! *-*

Black-ADD-White's avatar

No need. That's Interesting thou, thanks for the info :)

I don't recommend living in tropical countries if you're already accustomed to 4 season areas.

They may only have two seasons(Rainy and Sunny), but it's usually harsher on a daily basis than their 4 season counterpart.

Sunny seasons here are very hot, and I mean VERY HOT. So hot that if you're just huddled in your home, most guys go shirtless while women only wear a very light fabric tank top and a short shorts. Some people bathe twice just to stay cool. Unless you're lucky enough to own an A.C. Ofcourse the harsh heat does damage to rural environments.

Rainy season is no different. While this season may be a haven from the harsh heat, it's damage is just as equal. Rain tends to be heavier than what you've might used to, since all that water evaporated during sunny season will come crashing down at once. As a result, storms are a very usual occurrence, which reek havoc to not only urban areas but rural as well.

So, in short of all of that, tropical countries also have it hard. ^^'

Olmagon's avatar

Plant: sheds leaves in autumn to save energy and avoid frostbite

Meganium: puts leaves back

Plant: visible frustration

Adanel's avatar

Haha! Exactly! XD

jewelswirlix's avatar
Plant Pokémon adaptability exe has stopped working on adjusting the reality lol
Adanel's avatar

:laugh: Please restart your pokémon to solve the problem! XD

StringPetounPing's avatar

Meganium need to accept the reality. And this trainer should walk it on a path filled with conifers.

Adanel's avatar

I hope he will eventually! XD

What a lovely idea! big tree [not hot]

Kiritost's avatar

another great page!! poor maganium

Adanel's avatar

Aww, thank you sooo much!! >///< Haha, yeah. Some of us have a hard time accepting the return of cold and grey days... XD

InEventuality's avatar

The Meganium just wants the plants to be happy!

Adanel's avatar

He's got the heart at the right place, but I hope he'll realize that it's not really helping to wake them up from hibernation! XD

InEventuality's avatar

Only time will X3

Adanel's avatar

Very true! XD

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