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My Trainer is an Idiot: C-38

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Slightly caricatural rendition of some NPCs.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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there is an NPC in blackthorn city in pokemon crystal and the remakes that will ask for a female dragonair in exchange for a dodrio however by that point your team should be complete and you probably only have a lvl 15 dratini which you should keep as it will have extreme speed if you gave the correct answers in the dragon's den test

Adanel's avatar
Really? XD What an unfair trade... ^^' Better to keep our Dratini, Dodrio aren't so rare... XD And why female specifically?
I haven't played Crystal, only Silver. If this NPC is in Silver too, I don't remember it.
Richtofen1265's avatar

ask gamefreak

also in gold and silver they offer a rhydon instead

Adanel's avatar
I wonder why they made such an odd choice. XD Maybe just to trick newbies into finding a rare pokémon of a specific gender to obtain a common pokémon? XD That'd be mean!
Richtofen1265's avatar

i mean they are the people who gave us the puzzles in braille for the regi trio but then thought the azure flute event would be too confusing

Adanel's avatar

Bwahaha! X'D Ah, how weird people can be sometimes...

Richtofen1265's avatar

or why they don't make in game events anymore and are like here have your shaymin or jirachi

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I guess it makes sense to stop making these in-game events that become impossible after a few years. They were mostly Japan-only anyway, if I remember correctly... XD How frustrating...
But they could still make a few nice events!
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milcherie's avatar
Lolll tbh blue girl was asking for a slightly unfair trade so even if the other was lying, that's what she gets XD (ribbonbee is very adorable though even if common)
GTS traders are even worse :XD:
Adanel's avatar
Haha! Yes! Although in the "real" pokémon world I suppose trainers consider most pokémon to have the same "value", for the game's standard that's absolutely true! XD
And yeees, Ribbombee is adorable! And stronger than it looks like too! ;)

Oh, tell me about it! XD Some really have big hopes!
I do the opposite sometimes, giving away a valuable pokémon for a mere common one. But it's just to empty my box and only have my pokéfriends with me! *-*
Olmagon's avatar
According to all known laws of bug types,there is no way a ribombee should be competitively viable. Its stats are too low to get its frail little body surviving hits. The ribombee,of course,roams the meta anyway,because ribombees don’t care what dragons think is impossible.
Adanel's avatar

I wasn't talking about the competitive scene, I just said it's stronger than it looks.*-* But sure, its fairy type is a huge advantage! XD Poor dragons, defeated by a cute, fluffy bug!

Richtofen1265's avatar

that's a reference to the bee movie

Adanel's avatar

I haven't seen that movie actually! ^^' What is it about? (I mean, I guess it's about bees, but... XD)

Adanel's avatar

I don't have Netflix, but thanks for the link! I'll have a look! ^^

Richtofen1265's avatar

it's on netflix if you have it

TheOnlineNinja759's avatar
Yeah ^^" especially Pokemon like Hydreigon and Kommo-o. ^^"
Adanel's avatar
Haha, yes! XD
Olmagon's avatar
A while later she catches a porygon and kills the NPC with it
Adanel's avatar
It'd be an enjoyable sequel! XD
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
LOL! XD Those trading NPCs are bad people!! XD
I think the worst trade I ever did was in a game where a trader wanted something for a Haunter. I I wnated a Gengar so I traded!
And then after the trade it did not evolve because it was holding a everstone! And the trainer NPC openly told that in my face XD
men was I disapointed!
I think it was in gen 4.
Adanel's avatar
Right, I've heard about that one! XD
Why can't we punch NPCs directly in the face? That NPC wouldn't have lasted long in Skyrim!
Richtofen1265's avatar

in GTA she would last even less

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