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My Trainer is an Idiot: C-31


So much violence in this battle! I just can’t watch!

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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CartoonCrazy007's avatar
I like that background in the first panel, especially with the Alolan Raticate X3

So... it won't be perfectly cooked if you fail? Harsh policies XD
Adanel's avatar
Thank you! X3 glad you like it!!

These restaurants are merciless!! *-*
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Oh, the horror of trying to obtain the perfect meal! XD
Adanel's avatar
let's hope the bill won't be too expensive! XD
bubbles46853's avatar
Lovely Ninetales!  *snuggles*

and yeah, you should definitely put a mature tag for all this violence.
Adanel's avatar
Yes, my bad, I really should have! How many innocent souls did I traumatize forever?
TotallyN0tAnArtist's avatar
Adanel's avatar
Hahaha! XD

Her sushi would be completely rotten after that! XD
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
I have a story about something that once happened to me in Mauville Food Court. So, I was fighting this kid, and I had made the mistake of bringing kinda weak Pokémon. I wanted to level them up so I didn't have many strong ones. My two strong ones were Blaziken and Kyogre. Blaziken got knocked out because of all her water types and so did all my other weak Pokémon so only Kyogre was left. Kyogre annihilated all of her Pokémon until her Vaporeon was the only one left. And I tried to attack it but it's ability was Water Absorb and Kyogre only had WATER TYPE MOVES. So... yeah. I also had no revives. So my Kyogre died a slow death. Vaporeon literally just used scald over and over until Kyogre died.
Adanel's avatar
Oh, dear, that sucks... ^^' A legendary having such a long and humiliating death!
It's not always easy to train our low-level pokémon... The plot and difficult battles can break our training session anytime... ^^'
Teach him thunder, we'll see if that Vaporeon still resists! XD
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
actually -_- Kyogre STILL only has water type moves. It's because it's the Pokémon I use to move across water. So it has Surf, Dive and Waterfall. And I don't want to get rid of it's signature move, Origin Pulse. Soooo... um... still all water :T
Adanel's avatar
It was only a suggestion, no need to be harsh!^^'
Not my fault if you wanna keep these water moves! XD But these HM slaves were a pain... We either had to sacrify our loved pokémon and teach them unbalanced moves or we had to keep a pokémon we didn't care about to learn these HM moves... ^^' SunMoon finally removed this feature, and for the best! XD
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
Sorry. I wasn't trying to be harsh ^.^'
I love how in Sun and Moon you can get heart scales much easier.
Adanel's avatar
When I see the "-_-" smiley directed at me, I kinda feel like so. But it's good if you weren't!^^

Ah yes, that's awesome too! =D Very convenient!
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
You get them for free every time u nom on foods
Adanel's avatar
Haha! XD So convenient! It's like the McDonald's toy! XD
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LuvSketch473's avatar
Lengend says they are still fighting
Adanel's avatar
Hahaha! XD I bet this legend is true!

Thank you for the fav, btw!^^
cool23819's avatar
Wildfire: awww you got my hopes up...

there there Wildfire just eat this pokebean. *hands over Pokebean*

Wildfire: thanks dude. *eats da bean*
Adanel's avatar
Haha!^^ Pokebeans are tasty! *-*
cool23819's avatar
Wildfire: indeed they are.

Flare Neck: we don't have those in johto.

here try this.

Flare Neck: thanks *Eats the bean* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Starts runing and mario music starts playing*
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