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My Trainer is an Idiot: C-27


Prepare to be defeated by a strangling scarf, dude.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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TheOnlineNinja759's avatar
Dang XD and if I encouter these types of trainers I usually just go for the strongest attacks from my highest level Pokemon ^^"
Adanel's avatar
I suppose she didn't have any strong pokémon with her at the moment. Or she was too sure of herself too?
TheOnlineNinja759's avatar
Probably ^^" or maybe she tried to be cool and prove that she can beat her with weaker Pokemons ^^"
Adanel's avatar
We might never know the truth! *-*
TheOnlineNinja759's avatar
Yeah well this IS called "My trainer is an idiot" after all XD
Adanel's avatar
Eyyyup! XD Haha!
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
The worst feeling ever.
Adanel's avatar
Oh yes... X_X We can be glad we only faint in the game when we lose, so we don't hear the NPC bragging! XD
bubbles46853's avatar
Dawww...that adorable little Pancham looks so concerned!
Adanel's avatar
It sure is nicer than its trainer! =)
Shiruba-sama's avatar
The blonde dude's facial reactions: hilarious! He may be a jerk but he's still a funny character!
Adanel's avatar
Haha!!^^ Thank you a lot!!^^ Glad you like it! =)

Yeah, that's the kind of character we prefer to see in a comic than in real life! XD
Glitch-Mew's avatar
That dude face expressions are so ridiculous, i feel bad for the trainer and her phanpy losing to a very short battle.

Guess that pancham is in a very high level or maybe that punch was so strong, that it one hit the phanpy.
Adanel's avatar
His face is so ridiculous I wanna smash him very hard! X_X
Aww, I feel the same! It's morally hard to draw scenes like this!

But where did I say that the battle ended in a one-shot? I don't remember having mentioned the battle's duration... :? (Confused)
Glitch-Mew's avatar
Oops i didn't realize that, my mistake there.
Adanel's avatar
Don't worry! =) Technically I didn't mention any duration, so it could be anything, after all.
But I doubt this battle was very long, that's quite sure! XD
CommanderJose's avatar
I know that feeling :(
Adanel's avatar
Aw.. =( That sucks, isn't it?
Jay-Law's avatar
I hope Hatty didn't just lose a slavery-bet...
*Jay gives Fancy a couple of oran berries*
(Fancy - Phanpy, geddit? o_~ )
*and tickles Pan-pan's ear*
(Pan-pan - Pancham :giggle:)

And Gusman is SO right! Donald Trump, Alola style! :XD:
bubbles46853's avatar
Yeah, this Pancham is cute!!
Adanel's avatar
Haha!! XD She might be dumb but not like that! Her, at least. XD
Fancy is really thankful for your generous gift!^^
674 Pancham

(Isn't it!! XD haha! Ant thinking I just improvised his design... XD It fits perfectly! And that gives me another reason to smash his face! =D)
Thanks for the fav, btw!^^
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