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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-37


When in trouble, sometimes you need courage, sometimes you need balls.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Girl, you should have brought your PokeSquad XD
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If you're talking about the grunt, her pokéballs are in the corner! XD Would she be able to call them from the distance? We might never know.
Aqua-dog's avatar
nice looken no more
Adanel's avatar
(Sorry, my English level isn't perfect yet, what did you mean exactly? ^^' )
Aqua-dog's avatar
like he was looking dashing and than no more it kind of dramatic and I replace word's if I don't know how to spell them
Adanel's avatar
If you're talking about the Flare grunt, she's a girl. But I think I see what you mean, now! X)
Aqua-dog's avatar
yea how she tell's them how they spend money on clothing then there cause
Adanel's avatar
She'd need to pay a high price to look good again!
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
That's so smart XD
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bubbles46853's avatar
Huh...two poke balls on the side of the cage...maybe Seviper is in one,of them!
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Actually no, the Seviper's trainer is a guy grunt. But Seviper sure is somewhere near!^^
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Did I tell you how much I love that luxio! :'D
He is smart, sassy and really funny XD la in love 
Adanel's avatar
Aww!! *///* Glad you like him! *-*
I'll take good care of him!^^
The purrfect escaped plan

Congratulations you drew your characters behind the bars. It wasn't hard was it?
Adanel's avatar
No need to be rude. It WAS hard. -_- The only thing that helped was the fact it was a closer view. And the fact that I was a TAD tired of people telling me that same irritating thing over and over again. -_-
Ok sorry about that.

And people complain about the bars thing, well I'm also sorry for being part of the problem.

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When I say "people" it might have been 3 guys. But from a statistical point of view it's quite a lot.

It's really annoying... If people are drawing geniuses, good for them, no need to be patronizing to those who struggle more. Sending tutorials or writing constructive criticismes would be much more helpful.
You can draw the characters first before the bars right?, Like adding something form the back first before the front
(Is that helpful enough for you?)
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That's what I do already. The problem is, the bars need to have a regular space between each other, and they often hide the characters' eyes, which is weird at best and gives them the wrong expression at worst.
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