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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-36

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How can Team Flare’s glasses hold on the face?
(Gwen is slowly realizing she’s in deep troubles)

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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"Do you see these gorgeously designed anime hair!?!?"
Adanel's avatar
Hahaha! xD The anime hair gel is powerful!
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the cage is gone run for it
Adanel's avatar
Since the whole place is gone, they're now lost in the infinite space! XD
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I'd guess that the Team Flare glasses use some variation of that putty that actors use to stick masks on; it's called "spirit gum" or something.
Adanel's avatar
Ah yes, highly probably! XD I didn't know about this thing, it looks convenient!^^
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
Irvin better hurry up
Adanel's avatar
Yep! And so do the damn slow snail who's drawing this comic! XD haha! XD
(Testing out how accurate google translate is)

Les méchants ont-je raison. Voler des conneries inutiles tout ce qu'ils veulent juste pour obtenir des vêtements de cul de fantaisie. (Oh et détruire le monde et d'autres choses). Oh, et je remarque aussi que Luxio et le visage de cette fille aux cheveux violets sont passés par les barreaux.
Adanel's avatar
Well, google translate isn't quiiiite good, but I hope to be able to guess what you meant!

Yeah, the villains are superficial. It's Team flare, after all. They wanna destroy ugliness!
The faces visible through the bars is just a style effect... :grump: I'm not good enough yet to draw faces hidden by bars without screwing it up... I've already did that before and no one was surprised... There are many style effects in many comics, because we don't need to be realistic when we draw.
I guess that's fine if you don't want to be too realistic of your drawings. You manage to understand what google translate has to say (even though it's a bit inaccurate of what i said).

And wait we? There are two of you?
Adanel's avatar
Yeah, when drawing cartoonish pokémon, I sure don't focus on the realism! XD Haha!
I did my best!^^ And it was nice of you to try writing in French! At least I suppose Google translate improved over the years.

Oh no, I was just talking about artists in general. In art, realism isn't mandatory.
OK thanks then
SilverStrangequark's avatar
So they steal Poké Balls to buy fashion products? That's so horrible and also hilarious. I love this Team Flare :XD:
Adanel's avatar
Haha!^^ More exactly they steal Poké Balls to not have to buy them, so they can save money for fashion! XD
Glad you like it! XD
SilverStrangequark's avatar
They're such misers, good grief XDDD

No problem! :D
Adanel's avatar
Isn't it! XD
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The control panel to remove the bars is way too close to the cell. Gwen could easily reach it.
Adanel's avatar
If only she knew the code and could easily see the buttons, she could have done something!
LuckyBlackbird's avatar
Still, team Flare should fire their architect.
Adanel's avatar
I'm not sure architects are the ones who install electric devices but I see what you mean! XD
Yet if Team Flare had to fire people due to incompetence there wouldn't be a single grunt around anymore! XD
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And the warp holes, the beds, the water dispenser, electricity....what else? 
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